Where is Andorra on the Map? (+20 Travel Ideas)

Monday, September 24, 2018

Andorra on the map

Take the map of Europeinfo-icon and look for the border between Franceinfo-icon and Spaininfo-icon. There, in the Pyrenees Mountains, there is a small country called Andorrainfo-icon.

It has only 468 km2, but strong essences come in small bottles, as they say.

In Andorra’s history, it is said that these lands were given to the Andorrans in the 9th century, for their role during the fights with the Moors. 

Divided between French, Spanish, and Catalonian cultures and seniors, Andorra became a parliamentary democracy in May 1993. The official language in Andorra is Catalan, but they often speak Spanish and French. 

Some say that Andorra is tax-free, and that was true some time ago when people of Andorra had no income. However, since 2015, Andorra has started to increase taxation. 

Cost of living in Andorra is comparable with the central European standards. 

So, sit back and find out where is Andorra and why should you visit Andorra.

Best Time to Visit Andorra

Andorra is an amazing destination to visit for trekking and enjoying in the mountain breeze.

Want to trek and hike on the endless paths of the Pyrenees? Plan your journey between May and October then. Warm, alpine weather will cover your steps. 

That is also the best time to visit if you are looking to take part in Andorra’s festivals. The most important festival is held on September 8th and celebrates the country’s saint. Our Lady of Meritxell Day is held every year, since 1873. 

In June is the night of Saint Joan, in July there is Andorra International Jazz Festival, in August is Festa Major and The Bagpipers’ Meeting in Ordino, and in October is Narciso Yepes International Festival. 

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This is just a short list of festivals to open the appetite for a summer Andorra holiday.

But Andorra has also a ski season, which lasts from December to April. The Pyrenees are a lovely winter destination, and Andorra’s ski resorts are some of the Europe bests. 

How to Get Around Andorra

When you travel in Andorra, remember, there are no railways, only near the border.

Where is Andorra airport? Where is Andorra train station? Well, there aren’t any airports or railways in Andorra. To get here, you have to use airports and train stations from France or Spain. 

Then, rent a car and visit Andorra. The best means of transportation is by car or local buses. The roads of Andorra are excellent, the mountain landscape incredible, and the fresh air guaranteed.

Living in Andorra has to be a nice thing to do. 

What to Do in Andorra

Grandvalira Ski Resort is the largest one in Andorra, and you should definitely check it out if you're into skiing.

Andorra la Vella is the capital of this lovely state. It is a city you can see by walking, full of churches, historical buildings, shops, and places to eat. 

Visit the Old Town and take the bus to a ski resort. Yes, from the capital of Andorra you can go skiing every day. To find out more about Andorra’s culture, visit Canillo, the religious center of the country. 

Here is the Chapel of Our Lady of Meritxell, the country’s patron saint. Canillo appears in documents from the XIIth century and is a beautiful example of the Romanesque style.

Ski resorts attract many tourists in Andorra. Vallnord, for example, is near the border with Spain. It has over 90 km of slopes and gets to 2,625 m altitude. Vallnord is also visited for cycling during summer, some stages of the famous road cycling tours happened here. 

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But the largest ski resort in Andorra and the Pyrenees, as a matter of fact, is Grandvalira. Ski and snowboarding competitions are something trivial here. Over 200 km of slopes, off-road tracks, fun parks, and the fluffiest snow around, is the offer of this place.

What to Eat in Andorra

Escudella is a traditional Andorran dish that is served on holidays and is an Catalan influence.

The mountains can be tasted in Andorra’s food. Nevertheless, French, Spanish, and Catalonian influences are present in their cuisine. 

But local products are of high quality, fresh, and tasteful, so look for them. You’ll find specialties from potatoes, which come in four varieties, dishes from game (especially during autumn when there is hunting season), and vegetables like cabbage and beet. 

One of the most famous cabbage based dish is trinxat. Escudella is also a traditional dish, served on holidays like Christmas, Santa Lucia, and Saint Sebastian. 

You can also try a salad from chicory, snails, Andorran-style cannelloni, or take part in the Festival of the noble mushrooms.

Because there is no holiday without sweets, in Andorra, aim for Nectum, a natural syrup from cones of a conifer, or Bunyol de vent and Mona de Pasqua (a kind of Easter cakes). A traditional Andorran beer comes in four types, to please all the visitors.

Andorra is a small and perfect country. Enjoy the Pyrenees Mountains and the authentic traditional culture. Now that you know where is Andorra, you should enjoy a place that preserved its landscape and its life. Meet people polished by the mountain air and fall in love with an amazing corner of European history and nature. Feel free on Andorran slopes and tracks, offer yourself a unique travel experience and discover the true joy of living. Only the mountain people know its real taste.

Monica Radulescu a freelance writer for aSabbatical.com
Travelling is a joy. It's a way to become a better and wiser person. Mountain paths and road trips are my favourites.