Where is Belgrade and Things to Do?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Let’s first answer the question, where is Belgrade? If you haven’t heard about this city, it is actually the capital city of Serbiainfo-icon. Apart from being the capital, it is also the largest city in Serbia, with a population of about 1.23 million.

An interesting fact about this city is that the name Belgrade translates into “White City”, and it is not only a place rich with history but a real party city for everyone who wants to have fun and enjoy themselves.

There is something to do for everyone, both young and old. It is such an eclectic city, that it is a real shame if you have to ask where is Belgrade. Next time, instead of asking, why not book yourself a ticket and check it out.

Now, that we answered the questions where is Belgrade, let’s try to give you some reasons why you should go there.

Belgrade Fortress

Where is Belgrade

If you are interested in history, then this city should definitely be on your list.

One of the most famous historical places in Belgrade is the Belgrade Fortress. This fortress is divided into three parts, the Upper and Lower Town and the Kalemegdan Park.

In the past, this fortress was used as a military stronghold, while nowadays, it stands as a reminder of the architecture of a different era. Since it is no longer used for its primary purpose, it is actually transformed into a museum where you can not only wonder about the different parts but also witness the remains of a time long past.

You can find many different monuments, from a Roman well, the Statue of the Victor, to a Military Museum, Ruzica Church and many more. A real historian’s treat.

Kalemegdan Park

Sunset on Kamelegdan

If you are more into nature, then don’t fret, because in the confines of the fortress lies one of, if not the most beautiful parks in all of Serbia. Kalemegdan Park once used as an observation point, it now houses galleries, museums, restaurants, and even the Belgrade ZOO.

It is a perfect place for everyone, since there are playgrounds for children, chess boards for the elderly, and most importantly a breathtaking view of the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers, with Belgrade in the background.

Knez Mihailova Street

Most popular street in Belgrade

If however, you would like a mix of history and fashion then head on to Knez Mihailova Street, where you will find buildings, all with unique architecture, housing many of your favorite brands. Therefore, as you are observing the architecture of the buildings, why not go in and treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, or even a coat.

Belgrade’s Clubs

Splavovi are very popular for its lively nightlife

Once you’ve got your outfit, why not hit some of the best clubs. If you are visiting Belgrade during summer, then there are countless open-air clubs, which offer an experience unlike anywhere else. If you are, however, visiting during the winter period, there are also many indoor clubs.

People from all over the world come back to Belgrade, just so they can experience the nightlife again. So, next time someone asks where is Belgrade, it’s where the fun is.

The Temple of Saint Sava

Stunning Saint Sava Temple

Since I said that there would be something for everyone, if you are someone who enjoys religious buildings, then you’ve come to the right place. One of the most well-known churches in Belgrade is the Temple of Saint Sava, which is the second largest Orthodox Church in the world.

It is so immensely massive that you have to be there to experience it fully. The story that goes with this church is that it now stands on the site where apparently the Turks burnt the relics of St. Sava. Even if you aren’t religious, the structure is so massive and intricate in its architecture that it would be a shame not to visit it.

The Nikola Tesla Museum

Nikola Tesla museum from the street

For all our nerds and technology geeks out there, make sure to check out the Nikola Tesla Museum next time you come to Belgrade.

Apart from the ashes of the one and only Tesla, which are kept in a golden orb inside the museum, you can also see many of his works, from documents, books, photographs, to some of his equipment. It is such an amazing and learning experience that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Other Things to Do and See?

If all of this doesn’t make you want to go to Belgrade, then don’t worry, there are many more other things to see and do. From countless monuments to different museums, restaurants, and clubs. There is something for everyone.

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However, don’t forget about the people. You won’t get a warmer welcome than in Belgrade since it has one of the friendliest and most welcoming people. There hasn’t been a person who has gone to Belgrade and didn’t make friends. Therefore, even if you are traveling alone, you will be able to meet someone and make friends in no time.

Well, Belgrade is a place where you can drench yourself in history, good food, great atmosphere and all around great people. It is a place that if you visit once, you will definitely want to come back again.  

Andriana Moskovska freelance travel writer at aSabbatical
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