Where is Czech Republic on the Map? (Not Where You Think!)|

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Czech Republic on the map

The Czech Republicinfo-icon is a country located in Central Europeinfo-icon, with a territory of about 78,866km2 and a population numbering 10.6 million inhabitants.

The capital city is Prague which is also the largest city. This country borders four countries; Germanyinfo-icon to the west, Austriainfo-icon to the south, Slovakiainfo-icon to the east and Polandinfo-icon to the northeast. 

It is one of the richest counties, both in history and in natural wonders, attracting thousands of tourists each year.

Now that we’ve answered the question where is Czech Republic let’s talk about why this country deserves to be visited!

Enjoy the amazing natural wonders of this place

Bohemian Paradise is an amazing, otherworldy place full of natural rock formation that are in stark contrast with all the greenery around it.

The Czech Republic is mostly a hilly plateau, mainly surrounded by low mountains, with the highest peak being Mt. Snezka in the Sudetic Mountains which rises to 1,603m. 

However, what this country lacks in mountains and mountain tops it makes up with the ethereal hills and natural wonders that have been inviting people to visit this country years back. 

One such place is the National Park Krkonose, which is famous for its unique landscapes and one of a kind view. Flora and fauna on the Krkonose Mountains are some of the most unique in the entire country, so a trip here is sure to satisfy any nature lover. 

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Apart from this, we can also find some of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls.

Another place that wheels people in due to its uniqueness is Cesky Raj or Bohemian Paradise. It is one of, if not the most unique place in all of Czech. That is so because of the amazing rock formation covered in breathtaking forests. 

The contrast of the white pillars with the greenery is one of the most amazing sights.

The Punkva Caves is yet another place worth visiting if you appreciate real natural wonders. These caves are some of the most famous in the world due to their incredible beauty. 

Apart from the cathedrals of stalagmites and stalactites, you will also be able to see the Macocha Abyss which is a 138m deep abyss, as well as take a boat trip along the Punkva River and enjoy the fantastic serenity and tranquility of this place.

So, where is Czech Republic? Well, the Czech Republic is a place where you can’t climb high mountains, but the nature that surrounds this country is some of the most magnificent and breathtaking out there.

Discover the history of Czech Republic

Prague has many a viewpoint around, and when you see the city from one of them, you will realize why it's called a city of thousand spires.

Now, when it comes to history and historical sites, this country has so many that you’ll need years and years to visit and see them all. 

When arriving in the Czech Republic, make sure you visit the capital of this country, known as the city of a thousand spires. Prague has so much history that no one will be left disappointed. 

Some of the most monumental places and sites worth visiting while in the city are the Prague Castle which houses the amazing St. Vitus Cathedral which offers some of the most unique architecture, the St. George’s Basilica, the Powder Tower and many more. 

Apart from these, the view from the top will show you why they call this city the city of a thousand spires. 

While in Prague, make sure you visit Prague’s Astronomical Clock, which is one of those pieces of technology that withstood the test of time. This astronomical clock is the oldest operating one in the world and a real sight for everyone visiting this city.

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However, this is not the only castle in the Czech Republic. Other notable castles around this country are the famous Cesky Krumlov Castle, located in the town of the same name, the Hluboka Castle, which is also known as one of the most beautiful castles in the country and many more.

Another place worth the visit is Karlovy Vary, which is one of the most picturesque towns, famous for its hot springs as well as for the amazing architecture. 

While you are there make sure you visit some of the art galleries and museums where you can learn something more about this place and country in general.

Meet the people of the Czech Republic

Czech people will really surprise you with their warmth and hospitality. Also, they love to drink beer, so they can be perfect drinking buddies!

Several ethnic groups are living in the Czech Republic. The biggest ethnic group is the Czech with 81.2%, followed by the Moravian with 13.2%, the Slovak with 3.1%, the Polish with 0.6%, the German with 0.5%, the Silesian with 0.4%, the Roma with 0.3%, and the Hungarian with 0.2%. 

The official language of this country is the Czech language, although people here might also know German, Hungarian, Romanian and Polish. 

Apart from these, the English language is also dominant since most of the younger population can speak it. 

When it comes to the Czechs, they are some of the kindest people out there and are known to always apologize, even when they are not wrong. 

They are also very sporty people, which is why they enjoy watching and playing sports. If you are into sports, this is just the country for you. 

Back to the initial question, or where is Czech Republic? 

The Czech Republic is a country where the natural wonders are so many and so magnificent, that you’ll definitely want to come back again and again. When it comes to history, this country doesn’t disappoint as well, since it offers some of the most amazing historical spots. So, why even waste time asking the question where is Czech Republic, when it’s only a plane trip away.

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