Where is Estonia on the Map? (Not Where You Think!)

Friday, August 17, 2018

Where is Estonia

Estoniainfo-icon is a Northern European country with a territory of 43,339km2 and a population of 1,315,635 inhabitants. 

The Gulf of Finlandinfo-icon borders this country to the north, the Baltic Sea to the west, Latviainfo-icon to the south and the Lake Peipus and Russiainfo-icon to the east. The capital and largest city of this country is Tallinn. 

This small country is one that offers some of the most famous and incredibly beautiful natural wonders, as well as historical monuments and spots that won’t disappoint.

So, not that we’ve answered the question where is Estonia, why not look into why this country should be your next destination.

Explore the wonderful landscapes of Estonia

Lahemaa is undeniably the largest and most beautiful national park in Estonia.

Regardless of the size of the country, Estonia has so much to offer. From amazing national parks to breathtaking waterfalls and lakes, it’s a real treat for every nature lover.

If national parks are something you enjoy, then Estonia is just the place for you. One such park is the Lahemaa National Park, which is a famous hiking and nature watching spot. 

This park prides itself on some amazing sandy shores, pine forests, and beautiful rivers. 

Another national park worth the visit is the Korvemaa Nature Reserve, which is famous for the rare bird species, as well as the green forests, marshes, and lakes. 

Other national parks which you can check out while here are the Soomaa National Park, which you can access by boat, as well as the Matsalu and the Vilsandi National Park. 

Each one of these is unique and beautiful in their own way, and you won’t regret visiting any of them.

You can also visit one of the largest lakes in Europeinfo-icon called Peipus, which is the perfect place for fishing, boating or swimming. The fact that most of the beaches are not crowded is just perfect for people who would like some peace and quiet while enjoying the amazing serenity.

If you love winter and enjoy winter sports, then Estonia is just the place for you. The town of Otepää is perfect for all of you who are fans of skiing or snowboarding.

While the winter sports are popular in winter, during the summer periods, you can hike some of the hills which offer some breathtaking views of nature all around.

So, where is Estonia? Well, as you can see Estonia is a country where nature is so tranquil and unique that everyone can enjoy it.

Discover the history of Estonia

Kuressaare Castle is the best-preserved stone castle in all of Baltic.

If you are a real lover of history, then Estonia is the place to visit. From medieval castles to beautiful architecture and impressive museums, Estonia is a place that everyone can find something to see or do.

A place that is a definite must while traveling to the country is the capital city of Tallinn. What is impressive about this place is the fact that this is a walled city, being surrounded by tall walls which lead to the famous square which attracts tourists with the Gothic Town Hall. 

It’s one of the most interesting places and a real photographer’s dream.

One historical monument which you need to visit while here is the Kuressaare Castle, which is actually the best-preserved stone castle in the Baltic. This 14th-century castle is still used for outdoor concerts which are usually held in the yard. 

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On the eastern wall of this castle is a memorial built in honor of the 90 people which were killed within the walls of this castle by the Red Army.

If you are a museum lover, then you have to visit the Kadriorg Art Museum, which is just as impressive from the outside as it as from the inside. 

It’s a building you cannot miss, since it’s painted in the color pink, and stands out with its baroque architecture.

Meet the people of Estonia

One of the interesting facts about people of Estonia is that they are not that communicative to foreigners and will take them a bit longer to trust you.

Several ethnic groups live in Estonia. The largest one is the Estonians with 68.7%, then the Russians with 25.1%, followed by the Ukrainians with 1.7%, the Belarusians with 0.8% and the Fins with 0.5%. 

The official language of this country is Estonian, although Russian is also spoken in some areas of the country. When it comes to English, it’s said that most of the population in Estonia speak or understand English, which is perfect for any foreigners who speak neither Estonian nor Russian.

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When traveling to Estonia it’s important to remember that people here are not the most communicative ones. They usually avoid eye contact and believe it’s strange to say hello to a person you don’t know. 

With that being said, don’t expect from them to say hello if they don’t know you. It’s also said that they don’t show emotions, so you can’t really tell when an Estonian is happy or sad.

Back to the initial question or where is Estonia? 

Well, Estonia is a beautiful country located in Northern Europe, which has something for everyone. From amazing national parks and breathtaking landscapes to historical towns and buildings which will surely quench your thirst for history. With that being said, instead of trying to answer the question where is Estonia, it’s far better to go and see it for yourself. 

Andriana Moskovska freelance travel writer at aSabbatical
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