Where is Indonesia Located in the World (+Travel Ideas)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Indonesiainfo-icon is the country that is located in Southeast Asia, and it’s ranked as the 14th largest country in the world. The whole country consists of more than a thousand volcanic islands that are home to different ethnic groups. Indonesia has borders with Malaysiainfo-icon on the huge island called Borneo, East Timor, and Papua New Guineainfo-icon

It’s a stunning fact that the majority of these ethnic groups don’t speak the same language, which can be a huge language barrier to visitors. The country is popular for its endless sandy beaches, crystal clear ocean, palm trees everywhere and volcanos.

The capital city called Jakarta is located on the most significant island Java, and the majority of the Indonesian population is living there. Do you know the fact that Indonesia has more than 250 million of residents who place it on the 4th most populous country in the world? The country shares the borders with Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Indonesia is a country of thousand islands, so there are many things to do and explore in this stunning island country.

Now when you know where is Indonesia, it’s time to share with you the reasons you should definitely book Indonesia as your next vacation destination. Let’s start with the list!

#1 Explore Bali 

Bali rice fields
Bali is the island filled with breathtaking rice fields

If you’re a type of traveler who loves to spend a time simply relaxing on the beach, then Indonesia is an ideal spot for you! Indonesia is a home of thousand islands and each of them has a natural beauty to offer. One island simply stands out when it comes to beaches – a paradise-like island Bali.

The island is covered by stunning mountains and jungle, but also one of the most attractive beaches around the world. You can literally choose between many beach spots as some travelers don’t like overcrowded places. It’s usually a thing with popular beaches in Bali as there are many cheap beach resorts and the island was awarded as the best island in the world many times.

If you're more into exploring the culture of Bali, you should definitely read this insightful guide!

#2 Experience Water Activities

Scuba diving in Indonesia
You should definitely try scuba diving in Indonesia as the country has 20% of total world's coral reefs.

As you already know, the underwater life is a totally different world than our usual world. If you never tried a scuba diving or snorkeling, going to Indonesia is the perfect time to try it! What’s the reason for that? Well, Indonesian coast is the home of around 20% of total world’s coral reefs. The water is crystal clear and there, you will find an attractive undersea life. For the unique diving experience without many tourists, I recommend visiting Sulawesi. Here are a few tips for the best diving in Sulawesi, so be sure you go there prepared.

There are many options when it comes to water activities and you can find cheap tours and guides on any island. Did you know that Indonesia has many shipwrecks inside the water? Imagine the experience of exploring the shipwreck in the middle of the ocean with your diving crew. It’s simply an experience you must try during your visit.

Here you can read about the amazing experience of taking a rescue diver course in Bali.

#3 Traditional Cuisine

A diverse Indonesian cuisine
A cuisine in Indonesia is very diverse and you will enjoy each bite there

Like we already said, Indonesia is the country with a vast island archipelago which means that cultures and traditions slightly differ depending on the region. Food lovers will definitely enjoy each day spent in this diverse country. There are so many traditional food choices, so it’s impossible for you to try everything.

We recommend you to check their traditional satay, gudeg and spicy sauce called sambal. Their cuisine is pretty spicy and they usually add many sauces and vegetables to enhance the flavors.

Did you know that Indonesia is one of the leaders when it comes to coffee producing? You should definitely try their traditional coffee before the extensive exploration of this breathtaking country! Also, an amazing fact is that they produce Kopi Luwak which is one of the most expensive coffees in the world made from civet cat poop.

Indonesia is one of the leading banana producers so it’s not a strange thing when you see the locals make deserts and all kind of dishes with banana as the main ingredient.

#4 Warm Local People

Local people with wide smiles
Indonesian people are very kind, positive and warm

No matter the place you find yourself in Indonesia, you will find one common thing – the wide smiles of people everywhere. Indonesian people are very warm and they will help you with anything with a big smile on their face. The amazing thing is that people in Indonesia aren’t rich and some of them doesn’t have their basic needs met, but still, you will get a feeling that they want to share everything with you.

The local people outside tourist places aren’t good English speakers and it may be hard to find the mutual language, but you will get an unforgettable experience. If you’re a type of traveler who wants to learn about the culture, history, traditional food, then you’re at the right place as Indonesians are very proud of their country and traditions.

Now, when you know where is Indonesia located and what things to do there, it’s time to decide which island you’d like to visit, plan your trip and have a relaxed vacation!

Have you ever been to Indonesia? What things and places you recommend first-time travelers to check?

Antonio Gabric a freelance content writer for aSabbatical.com
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