Where is Latvia on the Map? (Not Where You Think!)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Latvia on the map

Latviainfo-icon is a country located in Northern Europeinfo-icon, bordering the Baltic Sea. It covers an area of 64,589km2 with a population of about 1,957,200 inhabitants. 

This country is bordered by Estoniainfo-icon to the north, Lithuaniainfo-icon to the south, Russiainfo-icon to the east, and Belarusinfo-icon to the southeast. The capital of Latvia is Riga, which is also the largest city in this country. 

For such a small country, Latvia definitely has to offer more than enough. From breathtaking natural landscapes to beautifully preserved historical monuments, this country has something for everyone.

Now that we’ve answered the question where is Latvia let’s talk about why this country is worth the visit.

Enjoy the unique natural wonders of Latvia

Kemeri National Park is one of the most unique natural places Latvia has to offer for its visitors and inhabitants.

Latvia is mainly a lowland country, which means there are no high mountains to climb. However, the amazing forests, rivers, and lakes certainly make up for the lack of mountain tops. 

The fact that the population density in this country is low has helped maintain the natural environment, making it a perfect place for everyone who wants to enjoy the wonders of the untouched nature.

Latvia especially prides itself on the fantastic natural parks. There is not one, but four national parks in this country which draw countless tourists every year. 

One such national park is Kemeri National Park which is famous for its narrow paths, and the amazing landscapes all throughout the year. As mentioned before, the nature in the parks is untouched, which is also the case here. 

Read more: Places to Visit in LatviaThere are some fantastic bogs, swamps, forests and lakes and about 900 varieties of flora as well as a wide range of wildlife. It’s definitely a unique place, and one you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

However, the most famous national park is called Gauja, which surrounds the valley of the longest lake in Latvia and it’s renowned for the breathtaking scenery, natural springs and the one of a kind nature, cultural and historical monuments. It’s a definite must if you are a true nature lover. So, where is Latvia? Well, Latvia is a country with such a diverse nature, that everywhere you look, you’ll be able to see a real picture perfect moment.

Discover the history of Latvia

The Riga Old Town amazes with its intricate architecture.

For a country as small as Latvia, people might often think that there is not much to see or do. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Latvia is a country which has some of the most beautiful historic sites and monuments as well as some of the most interesting architecture.

One place that you should definitely visit while in this country is the capital of Riga. The architecture that you’ll see here, you won’t be able to see anywhere else. 

So, reserve a day or two just to walk the streets of this city and experience the spirit of the place.

Another place worth the visit is the Rundale Palace and Museum, which is often called the Baltic Versailles. The amazing architecture and the beautiful rose garden are some of the things that make this place that much more unique. 

A real historical wonder is the Turaida Museum Reserve, which is famous for its archaeological, architectural and historical value, dating back to the 11th century. 

While here, you should certainly visit the Turaida Stone Castle which is a one of a kind castle believed to have been constructed somewhere in 1214. You can also take a walk through the Folk Song Garden and up the Folk Song Hill.

Meet the people of Latvia

Latvian people will make you feel right at home as they enjoy interacting with foreign visitors to their small country.

The largest ethnic group in Latvia is the Latvian with about 57.7%. However, there are also other ethnic groups that live in this country. After the Latvians, the second largest group is the Russians with about 29.6%, the Belarusians with 4.1%, the Ukrainians with 2.7%, the Poles with 2.5% and the Lithuanians with 1.4%. 

The official language of Latvia is Latvian, although a large part of the population also speaks Russian. When it comes to English, it’s a well-known fact that most of the younger people in Latvia speak the English language, so a foreigner traveling to this country will have no problem communicating with them.

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When it comes to the Latvian people, they are known to be some of the most welcoming hosts, as they love talking with tourists. 

They are also known to be flower lovers and apparently, tend not to show a lot of emotions. They are rational and don’t like to rush when making a decision.

Where is Latvia again? 

Latvia is located in Northern Europe, and it’s a small country which wheels people in with its unique charm. Although it doesn’t have high mountains, it offers some of the most breathtaking and one of a kind landscape, as well as some of the oldest historical monuments in pristine condition.  Therefore, instead of just asking where is Latvia, wouldn’t it be better, to pack a bag and go it see for yourself?

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