Where is Lithuania on the Map? (Not Where You Think!)

Monday, August 13, 2018

Where is Lithuania on the map?

Lithuaniainfo-icon is a country located in northeastern Europeinfo-icon, bordering the Baltic Sea. It covers an area of 65,300km2 with a population of about 2,810,865. 

The capital, as well as the largest city of this country, is Vilnius. This country borders Latviainfo-icon to the north, Belarusinfo-icon to the east and south, Polandinfo-icon to the south and Kaliningrad Oblast which is a Russian exclave to the southwest. 

Although a pretty small country, Lithuania is a real treat for tourists attracting them with some of the most breathtaking landscapes, and a history that is sure to satisfy anyone’s thirst.

Now that we’ve answered the question where is Lithuania let’s talk about why this charming country is a real tourist’s dream.

Enjoy the amazing natural wonders of Lithuania

Curonian Spit is a national park in Lithuania where you can find sand dunes and pine forest coexisting together.

If you are looking for a country with high mountains and mountain tops then Lithuania is not for you. However, that doesn’t mean that this country lacks natural wonders. 

In fact, Lithuania is a country which has some of the most magnificent plains, hills, forests, lakes, and wetlands. Nature is so unbelievably amazing that you’ll definitely want to come back again. 

One place that you definitely have to visit is the Aukštaitija National Park which offers some of the greenest forests and crystal clear blue lakes. 

We say lakes because there is more than one. Actually, this national park is the home of about 126 lakes, each one more beautiful and magnificent than the other. 

The picturesque landscape that you’ll encounter here is one of the most amazing, and a scenery that you can't experience anywhere else.

The Curonian Spit (Kursiu Nerija) National Park is yet another that you have to visit while in this country. This park is famous for the pine forests and the sand dunes that make up 25% of it. It’s a place like you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

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Now, apart from breathtaking forests and hills, Lithuania also has some amazing beaches. This country isn’t particularly known for its beaches, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. 

With a coastline of 98km, there might not be many beaches, but the ones that are there, are definitely worth the visit. 

Some beaches worth mentioning are Palanga Beach, Sventoji Beach and Melnrage Beach. However, since there aren’t many beaches, these often tend to be crowded. 

So, where is Lithuania? Well, Lithuania is a country which doesn’t have the highest mountains but makes up with its green forests and crystal clear waters of the Baltic Sea.

Discover the history of Lithuania

Hill of Crosses is an unique pilgrimage site about 200 kilometers north of Vilnius.

When it comes to history, this small country has such a rich history that it can satisfy any history lover. From castles to churches and countless museums, Lithuania is a real dream for all historians.
When traveling to this country make sure you stop in the capital city so that you can see a real mixture of medieval and gothic architecture. 

While there, stop by the Old Town where the architecture is the most predominant. 

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However, if you want to be drenched in history, then a trip to Kernave Archaeological Site is just what you need. This site is famous for the countless forts, burial sites and other historical monuments which date as far back as the Paleolithic Period and the Middle Ages.

If you are into museums, you can also visit the Museum of Genocide Victims, which was once a KGB office a prison and a torture chamber. It’s a place that retells stories of a sad time and one of the worst periods in Lithuanian history.

Apart from these, you can also visit the Gediminas’ Castle, the Hill of Three Crosses, the town of Trakai and many more.

Meet the people of Lithuania

It's easy to communicate with the people of Lithuania as they know English pretty well, and they are one of the warmest people of the Baltics.

There are many ethnic groups in Lithuania, but the most numerous one is Lithuanians with 83.45%. There are also the Poles with 6.74%, the Russians with 6.31%, the Belarusians with 1.23% and with 2.27% are the Ukrainians, Jews, Germans, Tatars, Romani, Estonians, and many more. 

The official language of this country is the Lithuanian, although it’s believed that about 84% of the population can also speak English.

That is perfect for foreigners traveling to this country since if you don’t understand the Lithuanian language, you’ll be able to communicate in English without a problem.

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When it comes to the people of Lithuania, they are considered to be some of the friendliest people out there. They are also known to be real beer lovers as well as some of the biggest fans of basketball. 

Something that you shouldn’t do when meeting a Lithuanian is to greet them with a kiss on the cheek because they tend only to shake hands with strangers.

Again, where is Lithuania? 

From all of the information above, Lithuania is a country in northern-eastern Europeinfo-icon which invites people with its amazing natural spots and historical places. It’s also a country that has some of the most welcoming people, so you’ll sure be able to make friends while there. Now, instead to try answering the question where is Lithuania why not pack your bag and go see for yourself?

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