Where is Malta and Why Should I Go?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Struggling to find out where is Maltainfo-icon? You should know that great navigators found it during history. The Maltese archipelago stands proudly in the Mediterranean Sea, on a very busy navigation route. 

Besides perfect weather, this geographic position gave Malta a historical advantage. Today, you can see here a combination of architectures, styles, and people, which make Malta an attractive and catchy destination.

Malta is a small country, with an arid terrain and not too much industry. For centuries, the country has been visited by navigators, explorers, and adventurous. 

Offering accommodation is among Maltese traditions. After so many years of improvements, the Maltese services are close to perfection. 

Add incredible beaches, one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, museums, and history to tell stories for a lifetime, good food, relaxation, and stylish nightlife, and you'll have an idea about where is Malta on the tourist's map.

Best Time to Visit Malta

Out of all seasons, summer is the one where you'll experience Malta at its purest.
Out of all seasons, summer is the one where you'll experience Malta at its purest.

After figuring out where is Malta in the world of tourism, you have to know that there is no bad time to visit. During summer, the weather is canicular and dry, but the sea air makes it pleasant. 

During winter, Malta has an average temperature of around 12°C. Indeed, it is too cold to take advantage of water sports and sunny beaches, but it is still warm enough to enjoy a cultural tour and stunning scenery. 

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Besides, the country is much less crowded, and your trip will be more peaceful. The prices tend to rise in the summer months, both for airplane tickets and hotels. 

If you are a fan of festivals, plan your journey during summer, no matter the costs. Malta Jazz Festivals happens in July, while Summer Carnival happens in August.

Where is Malta, there is fun to be had!

How to Get Around Malta

Malta was a British territory for many years, and this comes with two features: English is the national language, and the cars go on the right side. 

Even if you are familiarized with this system, the best way to get around in Malta is by bus. They are fast, efficient, and well organized. They can take you from the hotel and leave you next to a cruise boat.

Buses work on schedules, and despite the traffic, they succeed to follow them. Considering where is Malta on the map, you can always rent a boat, a yacht, or anything that floats and have a water adventure.

What to Do in Malta

Start your journey in Valletta, the capital of Malta. Museums, palaces, Baroque buildings, churches and cathedrals of Valletta will fill you several days. 

Parties and concerts animate Valletta's nightlife. Grand Harbour offers a view of thousands of yachts, and the terraced Barrakka Gardens offer the best view of the harbor. 

Valletta is full of life and is quite joyful. 

From the capital, you can go to the two small islands, Gozo and Comino. To go to Gozo, take the ferry and enjoy the local way of life. Gozo is considered to be Calypso's island from the Homer's Odyssey. 

It has a special charm and a mystic air. Visit the Inland Sea of Gozo, a lagoon linked with the sea by a natural arch (sadly, it has collapsed). The fishermen sometimes go through on their way to work. 

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Don't miss the Fungus Rock either, a natural reserve where a repulsive smelling plant is growing (is called the Malta Mushroom, but it is actually a plant).

The small Comino Island is known for its Blue Lagoon, one of the most spectacular places in the world. With turquoise waters and one of the most beautiful Malta's beaches, this place is perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling, and yachting.

If you are interested in history, visit Mdina, a fortified city in the North of Malta. Here you'll find Palazzo Falson, built in the XIIIth century, which is the home of not less than 45 collections (paintings, jewelry, furniture, and more). 

What to Eat in Malta

This delicious traditional Maltese dessert with almonds is Helwa Tat-Tork!
This delicious traditional Maltese dessert with almonds is Helwa Tat-Tork!

Maltese cuisine is a combination of the local food and the visitors’ food. And since here came many of the Mediterranean neighbors, today you have a rich and tasteful Maltese food and drink offer. 

Maybe the first thing to try is Lampuki pie (fish pie), but also widow's soup if not only for the funny name (it is a vegetable soup served with sheep or goat cheese). 

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Maltese cuisine changes with the season and has a rustic appearance, but it is healthy and has all the right flavors. They also like to bake, you should try some traditional Maltese desserts, like Helwa tat-Tork (it involves almonds).

Lots of good reasons to discover where is Malta, right?  With a rich history and a vivid sense of style, great beaches, and remarkable lagoons, legends and underwater wonders, Malta is a perfect holiday destination for everyone. They have sunny days all year long, excellent services, and healthy food. They have salty air and colorful festivals. And if you aren't a navigator before going to Malta, you will definitely want to be one after. The blue of the water is irresistible.

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