Where is Moldova on the Map? (Not Where You Think!)

Friday, June 22, 2018

Where is Moldova on the map?

Moldovainfo-icon is a country in Eastern Europeinfo-icon, which borders Romaniainfo-icon to the west, Ukraineinfo-icon to the north, east and south. Moldova covers an area of 33,851 square kilometers and a population of 3,656,843. The capital city of Moldova is Chisinau.

Although this country is not considered as a top tourist destination, it has its own unique beauty and appeal. It is a place which is as raw as they get, still not having gone through a lot of changes or renovations. Therefore, if you find yourself as a person who loves to see places with its history still intact, then this is the country to visit.

What is interesting about this country is that its territory is divided between two main rivers, the Dnister and Prut. 

Now, that we’ve answered the question of where is Moldova let’s move on to why this country should be next on your list. 

Explore the nature of Moldova

Codru Natural Reservation is a true natural wonder of Moldova.

Moldova’s territory is a moderate hilly plateau. Therefore, there are not a lot of high mountains or peaks that you can climb. However, that is not to say that there is nothing to see. In fact, Moldova is a fascinating country which offers some of the most beautiful vineyards, orchards, pastures, and grain fields. 

With that being said, if nature is what you are looking for, then a visit to Codru Natural Reservation is the way to go. With over 1,000 species of plants as well as more than 40 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and insects, it is a true natural wonder. Just a walk here is sure to clear your mind and recharge your batteries. 

Another place that might be worth the visit is the archaeological complex known as Old Orhei, which is one of the most stunning open-air complexes. Overlooking the Raut River, this piece of history is one of the most unique places in Moldova, with some of the most incredible views, as well as some of the most intriguing caves, ruins, and monasteries.

When you ask yourself where is Moldova, it's good to mention its famous vineyards. It is a country which is known for its production of wine and there are countless vineyards that you can visit and taste some of the best home-made wine. Why not visit Milestii Mici wine cellar, which is the world’s largest.

Discover the history of Moldova

Tipova Monastery is a complex of three monasteries built into a rock.

Although a small country, Moldova is rich in history. One place that you can visit is the Tipova Monastery, which is a complex of three monasteries which date back to the 11th century. Another monastery which is unique due to its incredibly interesting architecture is known as Manastirea Curchi. Once a psychiatric hospital, this complex wheels people in with a unique Bessarabia style.

While in Moldova, a visit to the small village Saharna is a must. This place is one of the most famous in all of Moldova, due to the footprint on a rock, which was believed to be made by Virgin Mary. Another thing that this place offers are 22 waterfalls, and some of the most beautiful views.

However, something that makes this country one of a kind is the self-proclaimed state known as Transnistriainfo-icon, which is a part of Moldova. 

This state declared its independence from Moldova in 1990, although the UN does not recognize it. With its own currency and borders, the independent republic is the complete opposite of Moldova. Nurturing a Soviet Era aesthetic, the streets have Soviet names, and two monuments are honoring the father of communism Vladimir Lenin.

Since this place has been through a Civil War, the remnants of that period are still present with a War Memorial and an Administration building with bullet holes, in the center of the town of Bender. 

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So, where is Moldova? Well, Moldova is a place where you can visit, not one, but two countries, both offering some of the most interesting history and architecture.

Meet the people of Moldova

Moldavian people suprisingly still retain their authenticity due to undeveloped tourism.

The people in Moldova, also known as Moldovans, are known to be friendly and hospitable. The ethnic groups which live in Moldova are Moldovans, Ukrainians, Russians and others. 

The official language of Moldova is Moldovan, which is actually a dialect of Romanian. Apart from Moldovan, Moldovans also speak Russian and Gagauz. Gagauz is their second language, which is believed to be a dying language. 

One thing that makes Moldovans different from others is the fact that they still retain their identity and culture. They are authentic due to the fact that the tourism in Moldova has not reached a high level yet.

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However, one thing that Moldovans are famous for is being able to hold their liquor, since, after Belarusinfo-icon, Moldova is in second place for alcohol consumption.

Back to the initial question: where is Moldova? 

Well, Moldova is a country that has still not reached its tourism peak. As a country that still isn't on the radar as a tourist destination, it is the ideal country to visit if you want to experience some of the best-preserved nature and history. Therefore, don’t wait for people to answer the question of where is Moldova for you, but book a ticket and go and see it for yourself. 

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