Where is Morocco Located in the World (+Travel Ideas)

Monday, December 18, 2017

The country is also known as the Kingdom of Moroccoinfo-icon and is located in the northwestern part of the African continent. Morocco is surrounded by huge mountain chains, the Sahara desert, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea while bordering with Algeria and Western Sahara.

The estimated population is around 34 million, and the capital city is Rabat while the biggest and one of the most attractive cities is Casablanca. Morocco is a country of diversity, so there are many activities to do and attractions to see in this beautiful African country.

Now when you know where is Morocco, it’s time to share with you the reasons you should definitely visit Morocco. Let’s start with the list!

#1 Traditional Cuisine

Healthy traditional breakfast on terrace
Healthy traditional breakfast on terrace

There is a huge chance that you’re trying different traditional cuisine during your travels. Moroccan traditional cuisine is known for many flavors and spices. The base food they combine with every dish is their traditional bread. There are various bread types Moroccan people enjoy daily, but the most popular ones are msemen and baghrir.

The most of their traditional cuisine is based on meat, so it’s common that you’ll try lamb, beef, and chicken combined with vegetables and many spices. As the country is surrounded by ocean and sea, it not unusual that majority of their recipes are based on seafood.

Moroccans especially love to consume tiny fish like sardines. You should definitely check their street food stands and simply enjoy the smell and different tastes of their traditional cuisine.

#2 Outdoor Activities

Camel riding through Sahara
Camel riding through Sahara

If you’re a type of traveler who is passionate about outdoor activities and staying healthy and fit during travels, Morocco is definitely a place in Africainfo-icon you want to visit. You can participate in many water activities like surfing, windsurfing, diving and snorkeling on stunning sandy beaches.

Some of the beaches are overcrowded, but you will definitely find your sweet spot. If you’re someone who regularly enjoys in hiking, you will definitely fall in love with this diverse country. There are many hiking trails on surrounding High Atlas Mountains. You can easily reach the mountains from Marrakesh. 

Hiking through these mountains won’t only give you a great physical workout, but also, you will have a chance to visit traditional Berber villages along the way and enjoy in stunning views from the mountains. If you’re an adventurer type, then you probably visited Morocco to have an easy access to the Sahara Desert. Don't forget to book your private Morocco Desert Tour to get the full experience.

There are many cities that provide you with an effortless access to the desert and we advise you to check Zagora. There are many activities you can do in the desert and the most popular ones are camel riding, trekking, and camping. Morocco is an ideal country to feed your adventurous soul!

#3 Diverse Cultural Influence

Rich culture as a result of cultural mixture
Rich culture as a result of cultural mixture

A population in Morocco is made from Arabs and Berbers. Both groups have contributed to history, tradition, and culture, so it’s very thrilling to see and interact with different cultures inside one country. Moroccan culture and tradition have many influencers and it’s not strange to visit a city that glows with the influence of other cultures.

Morocco was a colony during the colonial era and you can notice a French and Spanish influence in some parts. An interesting fact is that Islam is predominant in Morocco, but there is a strong Jewish community too. There is the first and only Jewish museum you can find in predominantly Muslim countries located in Casablanca.

#4 Warm and Positive People

Moroccan people are very friendly and positive
Moroccan people are very friendly and positive

Once you arrive in Morocco, you will feel the positive energy of local people there. It’s one of the most tolerant Arab nation toward tourists. It’s amazing how safe the whole country looks and warm people make it even more attractive to travelers. Morocco was a French colony for a long time, so it’s natural that French is largely spoken by locals.

Also, English is used widely there and you won’t experience any language barriers during your stay. Locals are very helpful and will offer you a warm hospitality no matter where are you from.

#5 Amazing Architecture

Unique architecture
Unique architecture

Morocco is widely known for its beautiful architecture. If you’re passionate about discovery different architecture style, then you will definitely fall in love with the country. It’s not an uncommon thing to see walls covering the town with many mosques, riads, and palaces in the city center.

The streets in towns are absolutely amazing as you will find many street shops selling everything – from food to souvenirs. Also, it’s easy to get lost in the cities as the majority of streets are composed as labyrinths. Their popular squares called medinas are the places you definitely want to get lost wandering the beauty and attractive smells. Morocco will definitely surprise with the architectural beauty.

Now, when you know where is Morocco located and what things to do there, it’s time to plan your trip, get the ticket and have an adventure of your lifetime!

Have you ever been to Morocco? What things and places you recommend people to check?

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