Where is Mozambique and Why Should You Go?

Saturday, December 30, 2017

So, you’re a passionate traveler who is looking for a place to relax and recharge your batteries? If that profile matches your current situation, then we have great news for you! In this article, you’ll find out where is Mozambiqueinfo-icon located and places you should do and visit during your stay. The perfect combination of fantastic landscape, stunning coast, and sandy beaches makes Mozambique an attractive destination for travelers who just want to relax for a while.

Let’s start with answering the question of where is Mozambique!

Mozambique is located in the southern part of the African continent, and the country is well-known for its endless sandy coastline along the Indian Ocean. Mozambique has land borders with Tanzaniainfo-icon, Malawiinfo-icon, Zambiainfo-icon, Zimbabweinfo-icon, Swazilandinfo-icon and South Africainfo-icon. This beautiful country once was ruled by Portuguese colonials, so once you get there, you will notice a significant impact of Portuguese culture on people and architecture.

One of the most breathtaking island archipelagos is called Quirimbas and it stretches through 250 kilometers. The official language is Portuguese and the language barrier could be a bit of problem in non-tourist places. The estimated population is around 29 million and capital is called Maputo that is very attractive by its Mediterranean architecture.

By now, you should get the clear vision of where is Mozambique located. It’s time to share with you the best things and attractions you can experience in this stunning African state.

Sit tight and start planning the activities for your next trip!

#1: Explore Adventurous Tofo

Tofu has amazing beaches all around
Explore stunning beaches, scuba-diving sites and coral reefs in Tofu

Travelers who have an adventurous soul could be looking for awesome activities they couldn’t do anywhere else, right? Well, if you’re interested in exploring the ocean life and have outstanding experiences while scuba-diving, then you should definitely check Tofo. Tofo is a famous city in Mozambique that is often referred as the capital of diving.

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Once you arrive in the city, you will feel the vibe and notice a diving culture. The city has a beautiful sandy beach with coral reefs, but it’s not that spectacular compared to other coral reefs in the country. Anyway, many diving spots compromise for that. You can experience diving with whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays and even whales there.

The greatest thing about scuba diving in Tofo is that there are only a few diving sites and the place isn’t usually filled with tourists, so you can expect unique diving experience!

#2: Visit Coral Islands in Quirimbas Archipelago

Quirimbas archipelago
Quirimbas archipelago stretches on 250 kilometers and has 32 islands

Quirimbas Archipelago is a breathtaking coral reef that stretches on 250 kilometers and has 32 paradise islands. People who visit Mozambique to have a relaxing vacation should definitely take a journey with a traditional boat called Dhow and explore these secluded islands.

The whole usually lasts for one day and during that day you will have a chance to explore many islands. If you’re someone who adores a wildlife, then you can expect to see rare species of birds and amazing mangrove forests along the coast and islands. The water is crystal clear and it’s perfect to stay on the island to relax and snorkel a bit.

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Also, these waters are home to dolphins, whales, and whale sharks and it’s not rare to see these beautiful animals during the summer season.

#3: Enjoy Fresh and Delicious Food

Mozambique is popular by its delicious traditional food
Mozambique is popular for its seafood like crabs, lobsters or prawns

When it comes to traditional food in Africainfo-icon, many people don’t have positive experiences, but is it the case with Mozambique? As you already know, the country is located on a coral reef coastline with diverse sea life. Portuguese influence combined with Malay culture resulted in amazing and delicious traditional food.

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Mozambique is very popular for its fresh seafood and recipes with a different kind of seafood. Many travelers said that they ate the freshest and best-prepared seafood in the world there, so it must mean something, right? Majority of traditional dishes has fresh lobsters, crabs or prawns as main ingredients.

No matter if you’re a food lover or not, you should definitely try their traditional Matata – a combination of fresh seafood and peanut stew. It will leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth and you will crave for more!

#4: Warm Local People

Mozambique is known for its positive and warm people.
You will be greeted by wide smiles all around during your stay in Mozambique

Despite not so stable economic situation in the country, local people usually struggle, but the amazing thing is that you will only be greeted with warm hospitality, wide smiles, and positive vibe. Local people are very friendly and willing to help, so once you get there, be sure to make some local friends. It’s hard to forget the positive energy these people radiate.

The southern part of the country is more relaxed and locals are outgoing there. Also, there is a huge Portuguese influence, so official language is Portuguese and communicating with locals could be harder in some places. After colonial era, Mozambique suffered a brutal civil war and you should be careful when visiting the mainland as the situation is still tense there.

In general, you will meet amazing and extra positive people there who are helpful and if you’re interested, they will definitely show you around.

Now, when you know the answer to where is Mozambique and what things to do there, it’s time to plan your trip, book a ticket and get ready for a relaxation of your lifetime!

Have you ever been to where is Mozambique and what was your experience?

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