Where is Norway Located in the World (+Travel Ideas)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Norwayinfo-icon is located in the eastern part of Scandinavian peninsula and has borders with Swedeninfo-icon on the east, Finlandinfo-icon, and Russiainfo-icon on the northeast and Denmarkinfo-icon across the sea. The country is separated in counties and municipalities for efficient administration. This northern state is full of natural minerals and goods like petroleum, natural gas, seafood, fresh water, and other minerals. Did you know that Norway is the leading producer of oil and natural gas after the Middle Eastinfo-icon and these industries account for a quarter of total GDP? Norway is a modern country where citizens are treated exceptionally well.

It’s not unusual to see Norway ranking well on different index lists like world happiness index, index of public integrity and democracy index. The country is very attractive for its natural beauty which is full of curved roads that lead through amazing mountains, waterfalls, forests, and cliffs. If you’re someone who loves to take care of health and fitness during the trip, then Norway may be the ideal destination for you!

By now, you should get a clear understanding of where is Norway located. It’s time to share with you the most amazing places and things you should experience during your stay.

Here we go!

#1 Explore the Natural Beauty

Atlantic Road
You should definitely take a route through Atlantic Road to see amazing scenery

We already mentioned that nature is breathtaking in Norway, so it’s not a strange thing that we put it in the first place on our list. It will be a sin if you don’t explore the natural beauty this diverse country has to offer. Norway is famous for its long roads that lead through stunning nature. One of the most popular roads that will leave you speechless is definitely Atlantic Road. Take a road trip through that route and simply observe the nature around you!

The country is full of amazing cliffs, forests, and cliffs which means there are many hiking trails where you can enhance your fitness levels while exploring nature (P.S. don't forget to bring first aid kit with you!). One of the natural wonders you shouldn’t miss by any chance during your stay are definitely fjords. It’s tough to recommend you which fjords you should visit, but we will name a few – Sognefjord, Nordfjord, and Geirangerfjord.

#2 Northern Lights

Northern lights

We bet that you have this amazing light show placed high on your bucket list! This combination of green and purple lights are forming breathtaking scenery in the clear sky, and many people use it as an inspiration. Northern Lights could be spotted in Norway from September to March during the night hours.

If you’re not an expert, it could be hard to find a place where you’ll see this scenery, so it’s advisable to take a tour or have a local friend. You will have the best experience wondering this miracle if you go somewhere deep in nature.

#3 Visit Oslo

Viking Museum
Oslo is a home of many museums

There is a high possibility that you’ll find yourself in the capital city during your stay in Norway. Oslo is an amazing city that is well-known for its history and stunning architecture. You should definitely stay a few days in the city as it’s perfect for day exploration. Oslo is known for many sculptures, furnished parks, and museums, so if you’re a type of person who is eager to learn about Norwegian culture and history, then you’ll fall in love! The city is home to amusing museums so you can learn about Vikings, Norwegian traditions, and music.

Also, if you don’t have much time to explore this amazing city, we advise you to take a day-trip to the nearest islands in Oslofjord. You will be surrounded by amazing cliffs and fjords cruising through the river. The boat will leave you on the tiny island so you could have a picnic and enjoy the views of the city. The easiest and cheapest way to explore this beautiful city is by taking Oslo Pass that will enable you to use public transportation and give you entry to many museums for 72 hours. It’s an extra deal for all wanderers!

Now, when you know the answer to “where is Norway” located and what things you should visit there, it’s time to jump to the planning phase. Book your tickets, plan your whole trip and explore one of the most beautiful countries from a natural and cultural standpoint.

Have you ever been to Norway and what was your experience?

Antonio Gabric a freelance content writer for aSabbatical.com
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