Where is San Marino? (Definitely Not Where You Think!)

Monday, November 5, 2018

San Marino on the map

Not many people know where is San Marino. Actually, there are around 33 000 people who know exactly where is San Marino and this happens just because they live there. 

San Marino is the third smallest country in Europeinfo-icon. You can say it is situated in Northern Italyinfo-icon, as it is entirely surrounded by Italy. 

San Marino is considered by some the oldest republic in the world. The history says it was founded in the 1st century by the Christian Marinus. No wonder that San Marino’s religion is Roman Catholicism. 

People of San Marino speak Italian and have a free border with Italy, although it is not a member of the European Union.

Visit San Marino to have a glimpse of history and mountains. A perfectly preserved country, San Marino will show you what the city-state of Europe once looked like. 

The views are spectacular, and legends are all over the place. With towers, citadels, impressive Mount Titano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and amazing works of art, San Marino’s attractions are to be considered.

Best Time to Visit San Marino

A great way to experience the culture of San Marino is to visit on winter.
A great way to experience the culture of San Marino is to visit on winter.

San Marino has a pure Mediterranean climate. That means hot summers, with a light breeze, and warm and wet winters. Most of the tourists come during the summer months, to take part in festivals and enjoy the Italian beaches while accommodated in the mountains in San Marino. 

Looking for something different? Stunning views, for example? Visit San Marino during winter, when the old city is covered in snow. It cannot be more romantic than this. 

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People come here for weddings and photo sessions with the three snowy towers.

For the Grand Prix lovers, April is the best time to be in San Marino. The Formula One racing from Imola attracts a lot of noisy and enthusiastic people.

How to Get Around San Marino

The streets of San Marino are meant to be explored on foot.
The streets of San Marino are meant to be explored on foot.

Where is San Marino on the airport list? It isn’t. Where is San Marino on railway stations’ list? It isn’t. This small country keeps itself clean and peaceful. 

You can get here by car or by bus from the nearest Italian airports. Inside the cities get around by walking. It’s the best way to see everything and breathe the fresh mountain air. 

San Marino’s cities are small and friendly, but not extremely friendly with the cars. Narrow, cobbled streets are an invitation for pedestrians and cyclist, not for motorists.

What to Do in San Marino

The tower at the top of De La Fratta is one of the well-known San Marino attractions.
The tower at the top of De La Fratta is one of the well-known San Marino attractions.

San Marino City is the capital and the main city of the country. There are some other cities, most of them small like Borgo Maggiore, Faetano, and Dogana, but the capital gets all the attention.

It is famous for its castle, with three towers, which are the symbol of the country and are represented on the national flag. San Marino City is a mountain city, so it is grouped into 12 levels. 

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A cable car can get you from level 2 to level 12. The Historic Center and Mount Titano area are a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. 

Although San Marino’s castle is impressive and extremely old, what takes your breath away is the view. From where is San Marino, you can see the Adriatic Sea and part of central Italy. 

Climb De La Fratta, one of the three peaks above the San Marino’s capital. It will be worth the effort.

Along with castles, towers, and picturesque streets, San Marino has a 14th-century church, named Chiesa di San Francesco. It also has the fortress Torre del Montale and footpaths and various woodland routes.

What to Eat in San Marino

Food of San Marino is full of traditional Italian dishes.
Food of San Marino is full of traditional Italian dishes.

Sammarinese cuisine is very similar to the Italian cuisine. Still, because the main economic activity in San Marino is cheese making, you can try as many types as cheese as you can eat.  

Among traditional dishes are Fagioli con le Cotiche (bean and bacon soup), Pasta e Ceci (noodle soup with garlic), and Nidi di Rondine (baked pasta). 

The dessert of this country is called Torta Tre Monti (of course it means Cake of the Three Towers) and it is a layered wafer cake with a lot of chocolate.

San Marino also has a list of wines and liqueurs. Try Mistrà for its aniseed flavor or Duca di Gualdo for its herbal flavor.

San Marino is like a chocolate truffle. Small, concentrated, with a lot of flavors, and authentic taste, this little country resisted for two millenniums. Preserving the landscape and historical artifacts, protecting the old architecture, and staying proud in the breeze, people of San Marino have a happy home. They have their castles, towers, and legends. You can imagine knights and princesses, monks and merchants, common people and kings. This country seems a fairytale and it is easy to imagine why so many people come here looking for a romantic photo session or a relaxing weekend. We hope that you have a perception on where is San Marino now!

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