Where is Slovakia on the Map? (+Travel Ideas)

Monday, July 30, 2018

Where is Slovakia on the map

Slovakiainfo-icon is a country located in Central Europeinfo-icon, covering an area of 49,035km2 and a population with about 5,397,343. 

The capital city of Slovakia is Bratislava, which is also the largest city in this country. Slovakia borders the Czech Republicinfo-icon and Austriainfo-icon to the west, Polandinfo-icon to the north, Ukraineinfo-icon to the east and Hungaryinfo-icon to the south.

As a country, Slovakia is known for its rich history which left countless monuments that attract more and more tourists as the years go by, as well as for its incredible natural wonders that wheel everyone with a taste for nature.

So, now that the question of where is Slovakia has been answered, let’s move on to the reasons why this country is the perfect spot for every tourist.

Enjoy some of the most breathtaking mountains of Slovakia

High Tatras Mountains are the highest mountains in Slovakia, and are full of lakes and other natural beuty.

One thing that makes Slovakia a perfect place for tourists is the beautiful mountains and mountain tops that this country offers. It’s amazing that such a small country has some of the most magnificent mountains which offer some of the most breathtaking views. 

The highest mountains in Slovakia, as well as the most visited,  are known as the High Tatras. Apart from the amazing landscapes all throughout the year, the High Tatras are also known for the magnificent mountain lakes, waterfalls, as well as the rare species of animals such as the chamois which is a mountain goat and the marmot. 

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The good thing about these mountains is the fact that they offer trails for everyone, from the experienced hikers to the people who love walks in nature. 

If you are traveling in winter, then this is the place to be, since the most famous Slovak ski resorts are located here. 

However, there is something else. You can also bathe in the thermal waters while breathing the fresh air of the mountains and enjoying the open skies.

However, when we say that Slovakia is famous for its countless mountains and mountain tops, we really mean it. Other mountains that might not be as tall as the High Tatras, but are equally as mesmerizing and beautiful are Vtacnik, Strazovske Mountains, Levocske hill, Velky Choc Mountains and many, many more.

So, where is Slovakia? Well, Slovakia is a country where the mountains are so many that you’ll need a lifetime to visit and see them all. 

Discover the history of Slovakia

Bojnice Castle is just one of the many picturesque castles in Slovakia.

Now, if you are a real history buff, then a trip to Slovakia is just what you need. Regardless of the size of this country, it holds some of the most amazing historical monuments out there, which is why every year it attracts the attention of more and more tourists. 

From castles to chateaus, beautifully preserved ruins, cathedrals and amazing museums and picturesque villages, Slovakia has it all. 

One place that you absolutely should visit while there is the St. Martin Cathedral in Bratislava. This cathedral is the largest church in the city, and it is one of the most famous historical landmarks of this country, attracting thousands of tourists a year with its gothic architecture.

Another place that you should visit is the famous Bojnice Castle. This is not just the most famous castle in Slovakia, but in all of Central Europe as well. It’s really no wonder why. It’s one of the most picturesque castles out there. 

This piece of art is said to date back to 1113, and it’s most famous due to its fairytale-like appearances and architecture.

If you love visiting castles, then this is the country to be, since it’s said to have over 300 of them. So apart from the famous Bojnice Castle, you can also check out Spis Castle, Trenchin Castle, Bratislava Castle, Devin Castle, and the list goes on and on.

Apart from castles you can also walk through some historic towns and see the amazingly preserved architecture as well as visit some of their famous wooden churches.

All in all, there is so much to see and visit here, that it would take pages to write it all.

Meet the people of Slovakia

Slovak people are generally happy and cheerful.

There are a lot of nationalities living in Slovakia, but the largest number of them is the Slovak with about 85.8%, followed by the Hungarian with 9.7%, the Roma with 1.7% and the Ukrainian with 1%. 

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The official language of the country is the Slovakian language, which is mutually intelligible with the Czech. However, when it comes to the people of Slovakia, they are known to be some of the most cheerful people out there. 

They are famous for being sweet and genuinely happy. They are also known to be very modest, so you won’t hear a Slovak bragging or showing off. 

On the other hand, they are also not big fans of alcohol and often are known to like to keep to themselves and not start a conversation easily.

Now, let’s go back to the initial question, or where is Slovakia? 

As you can see from the above information, Slovakia is a country located in Central Europe, that has not only some of the most amazing nature but also a history so rich that no one will be left disappointed. So, instead of wondering where is Slovakia, it’s about time you booked yourself a ticket and saw it in person.

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