Where is Slovenia on the Map? (+Travel Ideas)

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Slovenia on the map

Sloveniainfo-icon is a country located in southern Central Europeinfo-icon and borders Italyinfo-icon to the west, Austriainfo-icon to the north, Hungaryinfo-icon to the northeast, Croatiainfo-icon to the south and southeast, and the Adriatic Sea to the southwest. 

Slovenia covers an area of 20,273 square kilometers, with a population of about 2.06 million. The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana. As a country, Slovenia is a real treat for hikers as well as for people who love history and art. It is a place where you won’t be bored.

Now that we know where is Slovenia, let’s continue to why you should go there. 

Hike some of the most magnificent mountains

Triglav National Park is a hikers' paradise situated in the Slovenian Alps.

Let's remind ourselves where is Slovenia. It is located at the southeastern tip of the Alps and offers some of the most breathtaking views and over 9000 kilometers of hiking trails.

If you are a hiker, then you will definitely like to check out Slovenia’s pride and joy or Triglav. This is Slovenia’s highest mountain and the ascent to its summit is something that Slovenians and people from all over dream of achieving. However, we have to warn you, that this is not an easy feat since regardless of which point you start off, the climb is more than a challenge. 

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The fantastic Triglav Natural Park is also something that is worth the visit since it offers some of the most breathtaking gorges, streams, and rivers, as well as some magnificent waterfalls. 

However, instead of climbing the highest mountain, why not hike the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, located in the north of Slovenia. The landscape that these mountains offer is one of the most magnificent out there, with incredible waterfalls, pastures and traditional farms, buildings and museums. 

Some of the activities that you can do here include hiking, cycling, fishing, mountain climbing as well as many winter activities, such as cross-country skiing, skating and snowshoeing.

Apart from these, many more mountains and hills offer one of a kind views and experiences. Therefore, if you are a nature enthusiast, then Slovenia is definitely the place to be. It is so unbelievably unique that everyone who has been there yearns to come back again.  

Explore Slovenia’s Beaches

Piran Beach is one of the handful of Slovenia's beaches that offers clear waters and a true Mediterranean vibe.

Although Slovenia is not known for its beaches, bordering the Adriatic Sea has its perks. Some of the best beaches in Slovenia are Portoroz Beach, Piran Beach, Mesecev Zaliv Beach and many more. 

All of these beaches offer some of the cleanest and clearest waters of the Adriatic Sea where people can enjoy some fresh Mediterranean seafood dishes and ice cold cocktails. 

Each of these beaches is unique in its own way and a definite must if you visit Slovenia in summer. And you should definitely consider doing exactly that, with Slovenia being named as one of the best places to travel on holiday.

Discover Slovenia’s rich history

Lake Bled is one of the most popular spots in Slovenia, but you can't deny its beauty that makes it such a popular touristic spot.

Where is Slovenia? Well, Slovenia is a country, where historians and history buffs can enjoy some of the most intriguing historic landmarks and monuments. 

Slovenia’s capital is the first place to visit is if you want to drench yourself in history. Ljubljana is one of the most picturesque city centers in Europe, with unique architecture, magnificent bridges, and the famous Ljubljana Castle.

As the most prominent tourist attraction in Ljubljana, this castle set on a hill, offers some of the most exciting exhibits as well as some of the best views of Ljubljana.

Apart from the capital, there are so many more places to visit and sites to see in this fantastic country. Something that will leave everyone breathless is the Bled Castle, which is the oldest castle in Slovenia, set on a hill, overlooking the magnificent glacial Lake Bled.

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Other castles include the Predjama Castle which is built in the mouth of a cave, as well as the Gewerkenegg Castles, which today is the home of the Idrija Municipal Museum.

If you want to see something more interesting than ancient castles, then you can also visit the largest preserved wooden waterwheel or the Anthony Mine Shaft, where you can experience first-hand, how mining used to look like for miners at the beginning of the 15th century.

All in all, Slovenia has such a rich history that every corner you turn will offer something unique and one of a kind.

Meet the People in Slovenia

Slovenian people are outgoing, kind and they love to drink. That's why they have one of the most bustling party scenes in the Balkan.

The people in Slovenia are known as Slovenes, and they make up 83% of the population in this country. Other nationalities include Serbians, Croatians, and Bosnians. 

The official language of this country is Slovenian, although most of the people can speak English as well. Therefore, if you don’t speak or understand their language, don’t worry, they will probably understand English. 

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Something that Slovenians are also known for is the fact that they are one of the top countries in alcohol consumptions. With that being said, it is no surprise that Slovenians have one of the best night lives in the Balkans. Therefore, if you are traveling to this country, make sure you pack your dancing shoes and let the party begin.

Still wondering where is Slovenia? 

Well, Slovenia is a country where you can experience a mixture of nature, history, and art. It is a country which offers some of the most amazing mountain tops, beaches, and historical spots. A place where you can talk with the local people and drink until the early morning hours. If this doesn’t convince you to visit this country, then don’t worry there is so much more. Therefore, instead of asking where is Slovenia, why don’t you go and visit it for yourself?

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