Why I am reading more than 50 books per year

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I am a big believer that we all should be reading more. Now - I’m going be very honest with you - Until I graduated from high school, I never read a book that was not mandatory and on my reading list. Only when I was not ‘forced’ to get through a book, I started reading for my own enjoyment. It didn’t take long for me to get interested in a wide range of genres and a variety of topics. That being said, I still didn’t like the length of a complete book. I’m not the fastest reader, and after a long day of work, my eyes were often just too tired to read. I also had the unique talent of finding excuses not to; There would be a thousand things more exciting than sitting down with a book. It has taken me nearly a decade to get to this point, but now I enjoy a good 50 books a year. The good news is that almost everybody can get to this point with me, but you need the right means and it takes some experimentation. This article only covers WHY you should be reading more. Please also read my other article on how to read more books in less time by listening to them.

Start reading more is always the hardest step

As I mentioned before, reading used to just simply be a requirement in order to get my diploma. Somehow that prevented me from developing a genuine interest in the activity. A couple of weeks after school ended, I was bored and picked up a book. Although by no means was it love at first sight, I was already a little more interested, so I continued reading. It took some time, but I slowly realized the endless diversity of books this world has to offer, and that I can choose what I want! It’s up to you; Finding a book that sparks your inner fire, and keeps you hungry for more, is essential.

Sinking deeper into the world of books

One of the reasons I hated reading in school was because I found the topics dull. I only enjoyed a handful of the novels, but most of them kind of bored me.

Novels generally depict personal stories or the life of a group of people. Their functions are to trigger feelings and emotions and get a point across, mainly by following the lead characters. I of course also read work-related methodology and technology books. But popular science books with simply-explained theories are my absolute favorite. Ideally, a book would combine personal anecdotes, studies, and statistics with a genuine theory. By reading more, I’ve come to understand my own interests more, and pinpoint what I enjoy reading. This, of course, might be different for every individual.

No return after opening Pandora’s box

After opening Pandora’s box, I couldn’t stop reading anymore. I wanted more magical stories, more knowledge, more excitement! And my hunger just grew with every page I turned. Each individual book brings me new points of view, new insights, and new aspects to enrich my life. My field of interest slowly grew bigger, but I also discovered more content related to what I already read. I even started to search the internet for books I deemed similar to my favorite subjects or found new ones that sounded interesting. As of today, my favorite sources of inspiration are Audible and GoodReads. By reading more, I can dive into the world of brilliant minds around the world!

me standing in a library in mountain view, california

When time became my biggest enemy

I am fascinated by the world we live in, and its endless variety. I can’t think of a branch of science that I’m not interested in and would not consider worth exploring. On the other hand, detail-oriented novels that drag on put me to sleep immediately. Overall though, there’s such an abundance of thrilling and insightful books. I know it’s impossible to get through even a fraction of what’s out there, and that’s okay. By now, I’ve learned to really prioritize my purchases, select them very carefully. I do have a wishlist but I try to never buy more than I can consume.

Connecting the dots to a bigger picture

My favorite thing about reading more is that I get new insight from context. For instance, biology leads to chemistry, economy leads to ecology, or history leads to geography. It’s great to remember big names like Darwin, Galileo, and Gutenberg, that have had a major impact on the world. My understanding of the world and our society also keeps evolving. But once in a very while, I do enjoy a well-written novel. Now that I read, I feel like life makes so much more sense to me.

Reading more has definitely widened my horizon and opened my mind to new concepts and ideas. My collection has grown from a shelf to a small library. Nowadays, I can’t imagine the world without books, whether they’re scientific or literary. With the diverse selection available, everyone can find something that satisfies them. Open your own Pandora’s box, and be amazed at your findings! I promise you won’t regret it!

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