Work and Live in Europe: Top Destinations

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this: you are about to embark on a journey to work and live in Europeinfo-icon for a while. Your bags are packed, your boarding pass is printed, and you’re tingling with excitement as you prepare to take in the local sights, sounds, and smells of this new city. Traveling in and of itself can be one of the single most fulfilling things we can do with our spare time (after all, why do you think traditional vacation days were invented?!), but what if I told you that it was possible to earn a living during your travels?

If you think I’ve completely lost my mind, hear me out: I’m a full-time freelance writer. I have learned to work from anywhere my life and travels may take me, and so can you! If you’re searching for an ideal spot abroad to set up shop for a week or two, look no further than my list of the best  destinations to work and live in Europe! These cities boast some of the greatest co-working spaces and free Wi-Fi connections in the region, and are a perfect fit for novice and seasoned freelancers alike!

So, You Want to Work and Live in Europe...

Plan to work abroad? Make sure that you're well prepared!

Before you pull a Kerouac and completely renounce your former life to work and live in Europe, there are a few things you’ll need to figure out first:

  • What type of income are you looking to earn when visiting the latest and greatest travel destinations in Europe?

Are you ready to start up life a full-time freelancer, or are you just looking to make a few extra bucks on the road? Regardless of whether you’d like to supplement all or a piece of your current income, there are a ton of ways to earn a living while taking in everything this incredible world has to offer.

  • What do you want to do for work while traveling?

Do you have a special skill that you’ve been waiting to share with the world? Are you a closeted tech whiz? An accomplished playwright? An aspiring writer-to-be? Do you have a direct sales side hustle that you can run from anywhere with a decent Wi-Fi connection? Whatever it may be, find that secret sauce that makes your heart sing (and can be done remotely!) so you can take your passions with you on the road.

  • Make arrangements with your current clients or employers to work when visiting your travel destinations in Europe!

Luckily for most of us, the days of mandatory in-person staff meetings are a thing of the past. With a little help from technology, you’ll be surprised just how much you can accomplish outside the traditional confines of your office or cubical. That said, don’t just go gallivanting off into the European sunset without checking in with your boss or clients. Let everyone know about your plans and how you can be reached so your job (and livelihood!) remain intact whenever you pass back through customs again.

Amsterdam, Netherlandsinfo-icon

Amsterdam is a beautiful city filled with lots of coworking spaces and other cool things for you to immerse into!

There’s a reason Amsterdam is at the top of so many travelers’ bucket lists: the city is gorgeous and filled with history, it is one of the most diverse cities in Europe (hello food options!), and virtually every street looks like something out of a postcard. If Amsterdam is at the top of your traveling to-do list, guess what? This is also a fabulous place to work!

Staying in Amsterdam can be extremely expensive, but luckily, there is a huge selection of cozy and budget hostels around the city. Some of them will give you enough privacy to have a good rest, while some of them will give you the opportunity to socialize and have great nights!

With dozens of local cafes, parks, and restaurants with free Wi-Fi, you’ll never have to worry about setting up a pricey hot spot again. You’ll also find several co-working spaces located right in the heart of the city (many of which feature free or low-cost daily passes) if you need a more dedicated work space for the afternoon!

Stockholm, Swedeninfo-icon

Stockholm radiates with a warm, hospitable atmosphere that makes it an immensely friendly destination to get some work done.

Sweden is just plain cool. If, like me, you’re a somewhat embarrassed American trying to cope with the crazy politics back home, I have a feeling you’ll find a bit of comfort in Stockholm’s comparatively progressive culture. From swanky co-working spaces (there’s even one in a historic castle!) to sparkling new libraries, you’ll find multiple spots to settle in and get some work done in between those afternoons of sightseeing.

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Stockholm is one of the best places to work and live in Europe due to the Scandinavian hygge mentality. You'll feel right at home there.

Paris, Franceinfo-icon

Paris vibrates with an unique atmosphere that you're gonna either love or hate.

Call me cliché, but I adore Paris. I always have, and I always will. There is something so romantic about the City of Lights, and don’t mean the numerous couples making out along the Seine. For me, it’s the rich history of Paris, the scent of freshly-baked croissants wafting from a local café, the beautiful artwork displayed by local artists outside Sacre-Couer, that makes this city so wonderfully romantic.

And, as a writer, there is nothing more poetic or romantic than writing from a tiny little café while sipping on an espresso. Again, call me cliché, but moments like those are exactly why I ditched my former life as an attorney for one as a writer. In Paris, you’ll find more options than you can count when it comes to café and restaurant work spots, making it an ideal place to work and live in Europe for any aspiring freelancer (and self-proclaimed romantic).

Athens, Greeceinfo-icon

After the economic crisis, Athens has become a bustling city for various startups.

Due to its shaky economy in recent years, startups are popping up all over Greece. And, as the saying goes: if you build it, they will come.

This is certainly the case when it comes to co-working spaces in Athens, which are scattered well beyond the shadow of the Parthenon. You’ll also find free Wi-Fi in most of the popular hotels, bars, and restaurants throughout the city!

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The beautiful location and culture of Athens make it one of the best places to work and live in Europe.

Brussels, Belgiuminfo-icon

Brussels has become a new hotspot for expats as there is an abundance of free Wi-Fi in the most ideal locations!

It’s a little-known fact that Brussels is filled with some of the Europe’s finest cuisines, art, and culture. And it has also become a favorite hot spot for ex-Pats and freelancers alike! With co-working spaces that offer memberships for anywhere from a couple of days to a few months and free government-sponsored Wi-Fi spots throughout the city (including many located near green spaces and tourist favorites!), this is a great option for your next travel destination in Europe!

So, what are you waiting for?! Now that you know how to earn an income while traveling, the only thing holding you back is yourself…

Happy Travels!

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