World Travelers Promote Peace Through Understanding

Monday, November 13, 2017

Did you know there is a club of world travelers that visited more than 100 countries? Now you might think they are just rich old guys jetting around the world. But the closed circle of this international association is also engaged for a good cause.

Today we’re living in the beautiful world that’s facing some problems on a global scale like hunger, pollution, wars, violence, religious wars and more. For someone who never traveled, it may seem too scary to make the first step and start with the first trip. When you start doing a comprehensive research on the world and different countries, you will soon realize that the world isn’t that bad place at all.

The more you travel, the more you learn about different cultures and people around the world, the more you’ll understand their perspectives and also the less you want to do bad things to them. If more people travel constantly, the world would be different as more people would realize that the peace is everything we need to make this world a better place.

There are so much beauty and good people around the world, so why don’t you start with traveling and find it out by yourself?

How World Travelers Promote Peace Through Understanding

Many people realized the world is a beautiful place with many things to offer. Every day, more travelers and explorers are willing to learn more about the world and foreign cultures. Once you start traveling, you will soon realize the world isn’t as dangerous or such a strange place as so many people talk about. Your perspective will change drastically on different subjects as you learn about new cultures, perspectives, people, and traditions. For example, if you find yourself in a Muslim country and blend into their culture, you will soon realize that those are amazing people! There is only a hand full of extremists who are shaping the bad picture and chances are that you will never meet one of them. All other Muslims are extremely friendly and hospitable – to all the people of this planet.

World Travelers Promote Peace

When you take a look at the world map, you will notice so many countries and even more borders on it. Borders are nothing else than imaginary lines that are separating countries because of politics and organizational reasons. In the time we’re living now, it’s relatively easy to travel around the globe, and once you start, you will soon realize the borders are just another thing on the paper that don’t mean much at all!

Traveling enables you to have a look from a different perspective at certain things. Once you visit the foreign country and live there for some time, you will start noticing the difference in perspective, culture, and tradition. It’s easy to notice how daily lives of people differ from the lives of people in your country or countries you visited before. That will give you a greater understanding, empathy, and tolerance about different cultures and people. The understanding is a real way to promote the peace in the world!

How to Become One of the World Travelers Who Promote Peace

If you traveled to few different cultures, then you know that understanding different cultures and perspective of people make you more respectful, empathy and peaceful person. Many organizations promote peace, but Travelers Century Club is exceptional. The organization is founded in 1954 by a group of people who traveled to many places around the world. Their idea is to connect world travelers who traveled to at least one hundred countries around the world. Even though the organization is founded in the USAinfo-icon, it’s not limited to only US members as it has members from more than 300 countries.

Imagine the stories, perspectives, and knowledge of people who explored more than 100 countries worldwide! The organization has more than 2000 active members who constantly attend to events of promoting the peace through understanding of different cultures and perspectives. There are many events organized by the organization in different parts of the world so you can watch, attend or read about the highlights from the held events.

If you become a member of the organization, there is a great chance for learning and discovering different cultures. Members get the better understanding of history, cultures, traditions, and people around the world. Imagine the impact on your self-growth while being surrounded by this kind of individuals on a regular basis. The mission of the organization is sharing the experiences that lead to expanding the horizons and promoting the peace through understanding cultures and perspectives.

If you become a member, expect crazy experiences traveling with other members to exotic places, forming lasting friendships, a better understanding of cultures, traditions, and people worldwide.

If you’re not a member, but still want to know about different places, there is an informative blog section where members are regularly sharing their experiences from trips. That’s a great way for regular travelers to expand their perspectives and become more understanding and knowledgeable about the world.

Start Promoting a Worldwide Peace by Traveling More

What do you think about the idea of traveling and promoting peace through understanding of different cultures and traditions? How many countries did you visit and do you think exploring make you more empath and peaceful person?