How To Prepare For The World's Most Extreme Golf Courses

Monday, July 5, 2021

If you think that adrenaline rush and golf do not mix well together, you might want to think again. If you have gotten used to conventional golf courses, you might be surprised that there are extreme golf courses in other parts of the world - some might be close to your country. If you want to get out of your boredom from your golf routine, you can try out some of the most extreme golf courses. Another vital thing to remember is preparing your gear and yourself for an extreme or unconventional golf environment. Some preparations you can make are shared here as you read along.

Get Your Golf Shoes Ready

If you have gotten used to wearing spikeless golf shoes on your conventional courses, you will do a better job if you wear spiked golf shoes when you play in extreme golf terrains. Many of these courses are located at higher elevations, which means there are more slopes, and they can be steeper or wider than regular golf courses. Golf equipment and apparel enthusiasts recommend checking spiked golf shoe options from golf warehouse Canada or any large golf equipment store near your locality. You would not want to trip or slip while walking the steep slopes of extreme golf courses like the La Paz Golf Club in Bolivia or The Extreme 19th golf course in South Africainfo-icon. These places are elevated thousands of feet and have unconventional slopes and breathtaking views of nature around the course - things you can enjoy best without hurting your butt.

Prepare Comfortable Golf Clothes

It is not just the change in the landscape that you need to prepare for when you visit extreme golf courses. There is also the change in weather that you have to watch out for. Elevated golf courses can be very windy and hot during the day, so wear clothes with breathable materials or a loose fit. Humidity can also be another factor to check before heading to a new golf course. Check the weather information and patterns of the area around the golf course. Australiainfo-icon’s Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club has hot and humid conditions during the daytime but you get to enjoy and experience the Australian outback up close. Humidity readings and forecasts can help you make the necessary adjustments to your clothing. If the humidity is high in the area, prepare clothes with high wicking properties so you don’t feel uncomfortable while you sweat. Comfort is an essential factor in your golf game as it helps you to stay focused.

Prepare Appropriate Hats

You will need to prepare a different type of headwear (not to be confused with headcover) aside from the usual golf caps or hats you normally wear. Extreme golf courses like Legend Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa or Makai Golf Club in Hawaii are elevated and can get very windy at times. You’ll need a beanie hat to stay on your head and keep you comfortable in your game. Beanie hats are also excellent protective wear against biting cold winds, especially if you are going to play in Greenland’s Ice Golf Championships, where temperatures can reach 50 degrees below freezing. That’s the chill you can expect from a golf course located in the Arctic Circle. A beanie can be a trusty headwear you can wear to keep you warm while playing.

Get Heavy-Duty Golf Cart and Bag Ready

You might have gotten used to the laid-back way of moving around your regular golf course by riding a golf cart. When you move to a new, extreme golf course, you might not have access to a golf cart. Even if you do, it will not help you much because the golf terrain could be rugged and ill-fitted for golf cart transport. To prepare for this scenario, you’ll need to bring a durable golf cart and golf bag to bring your equipment. The flora of another country can be different from your usual course, and your golf bag may get snagged in thickets or bushes, so you need heavy-duty golf equipment to get past these obstacles. Keeping your golf gear safe throughout the game will give you a sense of accomplishment in conquering an extreme golf course.

Get a Caddie to Assist You

Caddies are valuable golf club staff that can provide you the necessary assistance in navigating and completing a game on an extreme golf course. While rangefinders and GPS devices can help you get a bird’s-eye view of how your course looks, local golf club caddies have intimate knowledge of the course terrain and environment and will give you essential advice on how to safely traverse an unfamiliar course. Bolivia’s La Paz Golf Club, as mentioned earlier, has one of the highest elevations in the world. Thin air can be great for getting your ball to fly farther, but you’ll need assistance in getting acclimated to lower oxygen levels and getting past the cacti and ravines of the course safely.

Visiting an extreme golf course might be just what you need to break away from your boredom with regular golf course games. Getting your adrenaline pumping through over-the-top golfing experiences in new and challenging courses can elevate your game and satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie. Plus, you get the bonus of satisfying your wanderlust by visiting a new place. The question now is: are you up for an extreme golf course challenge?

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