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  • Catacombs

    dark labyrinth with traces of the centuries


    Kholodna Balka, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine


    Tuesday, October 13, 2015


    personal highlights

    1. Catacombs: limestone mine to build the city, since over 200 years
    2. Tourguides: two local guys, know the underground well and are cool
    3. Transportation: late start, second missed bus, wild taxi chase, we got it!
    4. Conversation: english practice, local politics, work, attitude, addictions
    5. Katerina Nozhevnikova: a crisis shows the best in people (volunteering)

    image sources

    1. the tour guides @ hidden entrance
    2. 19 century horse @ wild Catacombs
    3. modern grafitti @ wild Catacombs
    4. bones of a girl @ wild Catacombs
    5. open entrance @ hidden location