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  • United States of America

    It was quite a troublesome start and I had to run to the gate, but now I've arrived in the land of dreams


    John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Queens, NY 11430, USA


    Saturday, January 30, 2016

    personal highlights

    1. USA: snow in New York, sunshine in San Francisco baby!
    2. Transfer: switching flight in Copenhagen was quite a torture
    3. Full body scan: I hope my images will not leak to the internet
    4. JetBlue: truly a great Airline with inflight WIFI across the States
    5. Dollar: I had a reservation, but they no car due to the weather!

    image sources

    1. Getting a Coffee @ Long Flight
    2. Watching a Movie @ Long Flight
    3. Driving to the Exit @ JFK Airport
    4. Myself and the Flag @ JFK Airport
    5. Entrance Hall @ JFK Airport