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  • World Peace Pagoda

    Shanti Stupa on top of Ananda Hill high above Pokhara


    World Peace Stupa Access Rd Pokhara 33700 Nepal


    Monday, August 28, 2017

    Personal highlights

    1. Shanti Stupa: the world peace pagoda from 1947
    2. One of a series of world peace pagoda's around the world
    3. Offers a great view over Lake Phewa and half of Pokhara
    4. A great tourist attraction with a clear view of the Himalayas
    5. Climbing the pagoda requires a lot of strength at 1100 meters

    Image sources

    1. Main entrance to the Shanti Stupa
    2. Restaurant in front of the entrance
    3. Buddhist statue inside the stupa
    4. Flowers along the entrance path
    5. View over Pokhara from the Pagoda