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  • Goba (Swaziland > Mozambique)

    crossing my last border on the African continent on my big overland road trip


    Goba, Mozambique


    Saturday, December 10, 2016

    Personal highlights

    1. Goba: very small, run-down border post with barely any people around
    2. Border: no complications, as everybody already has a visa, normal procedure
    3. Road Trip: having to leave my rented car in Swazilandinfo-icon, self-driving is finally over
    4. Last Mile: driving the last stretch in a packed combi with a total of 7 people
    5. Mozambiqueinfo-icon: entering my first African country without native English speakers

    Image sources

    1. Customs office in Swaziland
    2. Innocent, our private driver
    3. Queuing in Mocambique
    4. Crossing the last boarder
    5. Saying goodbye to Swaziland