Map with the World’s Most Peaceful Countries

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Can you guess what the world's most peaceful countries are?

The World is an enormous place, and the exciting fact is that almost every country is different. It could be a different culture, tradition, infrastructure, race, people or nature. You won’t find two same places in the world. That’s the thing that makes this world so exciting and fantastic for the travelers who’re willing to explore all the beauties this place has to offer. There so many things to see and experience that it would be impossible to do everything in one lifetime, so it’s better to start as soon as possible. Many countries are very safe for foreigners while other are less safe and some are better to avoid. In this article, you will learn how to check the safety of the country you plan to visit. Also, the list of most peaceful countries will be provided so you can be sure that nothing terrible will happen to you while exploring the fantastic world of ours.

How is Safe Traveling Today?

It depends on the area you’re planning to visit, but overall, it’s pretty safe to travel and visit many countries around the world. People who never traveled and media will always transfer you the message of world’s uncertainty and unsafety. As a lifetime explorer, you should always seek for more answers than average people and institutions could deliver.

Are you ready to receive the real facts about the world safety?

According to GPI, the world becomes more peaceful place compared to the last year, but overall security decreases in the last decade. When you look at the world from a broader perspective, you will notice there are many wars and bad things happening at the moment. The major forces are spending an enormous amount of resources to support the war, but imagine the difference if these forces start to invest money in world peace. The world will become such a fantastic place with happy people all around. Although this scenario won’t happen in the close future, there are still many peaceful countries you can explore.

If you’re starting your traveling lifestyle, you should consider visiting some of the most peaceful countries to get the experience so you could easily use that experience in more dangerous environments.

Is it safe to travel around the world today? Yes, it’s very safe to travel, but like with everything in life, there are some places you should avoid visiting for now. You should follow your instinct and use common sense, and nothing will happen to you in the majority of countries,

How to Check the Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Everyone should do a detailed preparation before traveling to the foreign country. Check out the documents you need to gather to get a visa. See if you need to vaccinate yourself or is there any specialized equipment you should put in your bag. Trip preparation could be a very exhausting process, but it’s crucial to do it. Another thing you should check even before any other development is the safety index of the country you’re planning to visit. You should be reading the Global Peace Index Map before travelling to critical countries. This site is pretty accurate and rather effective to check the actual state in the country.

The interactive map is showing the peace index of each country of the world. The blue color represents more peaceful countries, while red color shows less peaceful countries. There are many options and statistics you can check for each country. You can select the country, and you will get detailed stats of each category that adds up to peace index of the country. Also, you can filter the countries by the indicators, so you could check what’s the most alarming thing you could experience in the country. Another option, global rankings, shows the actual order of the countries regarding the peace index.

This map is the perfect tool for checking the safety of each country before your trip. The interesting option is that you can change the years on a time table and you can compare the actual safety with the former safety index of the countries.

The most peaceful countries to visit are Icelandinfo-icon, New Zealandinfo-icon, Austriainfo-icon, Denmarkinfo-icon, and Portugalinfo-icon. According to the map, the whole Europe is a pretty safe place for travelers. The fascinating fact is that 93 countries improved compared to the last year's index, while 68 countries dropped down.

This map is a pretty useful tool for doing a research, and every serious adventurer should do a quick research before traveling to a critical foreign country. There is so many exciting information that could be found there that some will surprise you.

Do Your Research Before Traveling

As you already know, traveling isn’t anything dangerous if you do a proper research and use your common sense. Of course, you will face some difficulties while on the road, but that’s the life. It’s filled with many obstacles on the way and traveling is the process of teaching you how to go through the hard times.

There are many sources to check the safety of the places you plan to visit and you should do it before going to a critical foreign country.

What do you think is the safest place you’ve visited during your trips?