Quit your office job and start in Global Education

Friday, November 3, 2017

The global education system is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of your boring office job. But have you ever had a feeling that life is passing you by? The same routine, the same work to do, the same people to interact with. Every single day. Have you ever thought that you have power to change it anytime you want? It is possible. And not in some alternative universe, but here and now. All you need to do is to set your goal and discover the whole new world of opportunities awaiting your first actions. “How am I going to make a living if I am to quit my office job?” you might think. That’s a reasonable concern, but there is no reason to worry. You have a chance to do something valuable, to help people who truly need it and to start a different life, see the world and explore different cultures. You can become an English teacher, even if you don’t have any experience, so why not to grab this new exciting opportunity as soon as possible?

Where to start?

There is an increasing demand for Native English teachers in many countries, particularly in the Asian region. The requirements for the ESL teachers vary from country to country and from school to school, but if you are passionate about working with kids and not afraid of being challenged, you will surely find a position. If you are new to teaching, you will need to get a certificate, such as CELTA or TESOL, to start your new career in global education. This is an intensive course for English teachers which lasts for a month. These courses are well-designed to give you all necessary tools to start teaching. They include theoretical part and some teaching practice, which will give you a feeling of what it is like to be in a real classroom. There are also courses for those who plan to work with young learners, such an extension to CELTA. The price for the course is around $1,600. You will get a certificate upon completing this course which will allow you to teach English as a second language. You can take a course in your native country or travel abroad and do the course in the region where you plan to work in future. Some institutions offer job placement provided that you completed the course.

Having at least a bachelor degree in any field is also a must to be employed legally. If you do not have a degree, you will most likely find it difficult to get your work permit and get an opportunity to sign a long-term contract with any school.

Planning the next step

Before you choose a country which you would like to visit first, you should do your research to find out which options in global education is best for you. Check the climate, local features and general conditions in the country that attracts you. Of course, you will have your own story and experience, but it is a good idea to check what other international teachers have encountered to avoid possible troubles and disappointments in future and make the process of moving to another country less stressful. There are many agencies which help foreign teachers get a job at schools or camps throughout the world. You might consider using their services.

There are many teaching jobs available around the world, but it's very important to find the right place or platform to find the best TEFL job. Luckily, the internet is changing the way how the world works and there are countless platforms that will help you in get your next teaching job abroad.

For instance, in Thailandinfo-icon and Chinainfo-icon, such agencies are pretty popular among the foreigners, since they provide quality services, and you do not necessarily need to pay for it. Most agencies have contracts with the schools, so the schools pay them for finding the right candidates.

Get into Global Education

Teachers are highly valued and respected in Asiainfo-icon. There is a high demand for native English-speaking teachers and European teachers in The Middle Eastinfo-icon and South Americainfo-icon. The conditions of work as well as the level of salary will be different, of course. But becoming a teacher will give you a new perspective on the education and the unique opportunity to explore different cultures. By sharing your experiences with other people and learning from them as well, you will contribute to the global education. It will give you both, professional development opportunity and personal benefits. You might decide to change your office job and devote yourself to educating the world, giving those underprivileged children a chance to have a better life. Knowledge is power, remember? The ability to speak English will open lots of doors in front of your students, so it is a great chance for you to give them this opportunity.

opportunities for travel

Excellent opportunities for travel

One of the benefits for the international teachers is a chance to travel a lot. First, teachers have lots of holidays and breaks throughout the school year. If you are working at language camps which are popular particularly in South East Asiainfo-icon, you will be traveling a lot. You will be able to see wonderful natural spots and cultural sites and enjoy active lifestyle. That is why being a teacher will give you an unlimited flow of new experiences.

So, there is no need to hesitate. The world and global education system are waiting for you to take your step on this exciting path of becoming an international teacher and traveling around the globe to find out more about different people and discover your talents.