Why I Stopped Watching News and Why I LOVE It?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thanks to modern communication technologies, we are all perfectly informed by the daily watching news. We start our morning with a quick surf over the news websites and have our breakfast turning the news program on.

Newscasters are trying their best to fill our morning with information. The number of victims changes from article to article and the details of the violent actions gets to have different forms. But we are still tuned. We are on the same page.

We are suffering together with those victims, and we are experiencing all those events in their brightest details. We search for more news, more proof of the imperfection of our world. Why? Because it seems logical.

We pretend that we are reading all this just because we want to be “informed”, we want to be aware of the latest world news and prepared for possible cataclysms. Sounds logical. We are the most conscious members of the society, and it is outright to know, to judge, and to let it all get through us.

A group of news reporter
Mainstream news reporter are only one reason to stop watching TV

However, we must be aware of a simple truth - news distorts reality. The more we hear those stories, the more we believe in them. At some point, we believe in them even more than in the reality we see outside our house. This does not sound right, does it?

The day I stopped watching the news...

Reading the newspaper

I would say that the day I stopped watching the news was the day when I realized I have just made the best choice of my life. It must be a choice, a conscious rejection of all the rubbish mass-media is trying to fill us up with.

That day I felt true happiness. I felt free. Sometimes it is a habit, addiction, just like another cigarette or a chocolate bar. You make yourself believe that you are not full, not content without one. News and TV are the same things.

You get addicted, you get to believe that this is an important part of your life. And you willingly play this game, having your heart broken for a thousand times per day, again and again. You bring that news to your friends and colleagues, who think they must share the news they have read with you, which might be even more heartbreaking. And then the discussion and condolences would go on and go on.

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It is time to stop. Look around. Yes, there are lots of things which can make you sad and can make you cry, but you are the one who has the power to change it. This simple realization came to me as soon as I stopped watching the news.

This action helped me return to being me, find joy and happiness in everyday life, get to search for answers within myself and all around me. I suddenly got a lot of free time. And lots of energy as a bonus. I started looking for my calling, tried different hobbies and finally found that lost particle of me which was always busy absorbing the negative news and spreading it around. This particle proved very useful to be making something constructive.

The energy you need


Everybody needs energy to live. To sustain energy, you would want to keep the source of energy functioning well. You will do your best, won’t you? But is not it worth checking the energy you fill yourself with first?

Sources of negative energy seem to attract people more easily, get them addicted and longing for the next portion of drama.

Did you know there are many ways how to increase and preserve your mental energy?

How come we discuss all those catastrophes, political issues, and pitiful events so eagerly? They leave us exhausted and devastated, but we still look for more, and we keep watching the news.

Just make an experiment. Try checking the headings of the news websites. Do not go into details. Just the headings. Can you spot any shade, even the lightest one, of the happy news? No? Indeed, this task is not so easy.

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The bad news is what the newsmakers and editors are targeting because this is what they are feeding their audience with because this is what the readers are willing to read.

Watching news, you give your silent agreement on involving yourself in a cruel game. You will be arguing over some news, trying to prove yourself right. You will be losing your temper and losing your friends until you finally realize that it is worthless. There is no point in absorbing all these negative feelings and radiating them. It is the way to self-destruction.

Be proactive!

Be proactive team player

You can stop watching the news today, be proactive while traveling and doing your everyday job. You will be amazed at how fast your life will change and how happy you will feel. It is not a joke. Reading news will only keep you further and further from your goals. It will consume your time and your energy; it will create the clouds in your world which can be all colors of a rainbow.

You only wish for that. As soon as you let yourself free from the destructive effect of news, you will be able to start building a new life; you will open new doors and find your path to happiness.

And last but not least, if you want to be informed about a specific event, do proper research. Use the power of the internet to find the full story and background. Read different sources about a topic to form your own opinion. Take your time to understand the situation instead of repeating catchy headlines. For instance, BBC country profiles can teach you and show you the facts about countries around the world! Such a good education for well-versed knowledge!

Are you still watching the news? What are the benefits of watching the news in your opinion?