Places to Visit in Slovakia

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Slovakiainfo-icon is a Central European country, a European Union, and Schengen area member. Its history begins with the Celtic tribes and continues with the Dacians, Germanic tribes, the Romans, the Slavs (which had a significant impact on this region), the Hungarians, the Habsburgs. All these phases have resulted in the Czechoslovak Republic. In 1993, Slovakia declared its independence. Among the many beautiful places to visit in Slovakia, there are the Tatra Mountains, medieval cities and castles, the Danube River and its romantic shores.

Slovakia is a popular winter destination for the sports enthusiast. Its ski resorts are some of the best in Europeinfo-icon, excellent for snowboarding and skiing. If you are seeking for a calm atmosphere, try a spa resort. The most famous mud treatment spa is located in Piešťany and is open all year long.

Nature was generous with this country. Its spectacular geology makes Slovakia heaven for spelunking. More than 2,400 caves are listed here, some of them being protected as UNESCO monuments of nature. Still, many are open for the public like Dobšinská Ice Cave, Belianska Cave, and Demänovská Cave of Liberty.

Exploring is the keyword when you plan a journey to Slovakia. This surprising country attracts a lot of people, looking for history and architecture, relaxation, and adventure.


Bratislava is a city with a beautiful architecture that mixes medieval and modern styles.

The list of places to visit in Slovakia begins with its capital and largest city. Bratislava is one of the four European capitals situated on the Danube River next to Vienna, Budapest, and Belgrade. This makes it perfect for a little cruise.

A medieval old town is the pride and joy of Bratislava. It has castles and churches, beautiful old buildings and brick roofs, peaceful life and happy people. Visit the Bratislava Castle, a 19th-century fortification, rebuilt in Renaissance style. It has a square structure, with white walls and many small windows, and it is home for a picture gallery and a history exhibition. Climb the Crown Tower for the perfect panorama over the city.

If you have to visit just one of the many churches and cathedrals in Bratislava, choose the Blue Church. Its name is actually the Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungaryinfo-icon, but it completely deserves its nickname. Blue Church is painted in pastel colors, mainly blue and yellow. It was designed by Budapest architect Edmund Lechner and built at the beginning of the 20th century, in Art Nouveau style. The inside and the outside of the church are decorated in blue shades. Even the roof has blue tiles.

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Bratislava was once called “a town of fountains,” and you can easily see why. They are surrounded with legends and designed like a story. The most famous of them is the Fountain of St. George and the Dragon.

This city is a relaxation oasis. Just stop and have lunch in a small, modest restaurant. Local food is heavy, with many soups and sauces that will warm your heart. Beer is for everyone, of course.

Tatra Mountains

An idyllic scene in the Slovakian Tatra Mountains.

The blessing of nature has to be on the list of places to visit in Slovakia. Tatra Mountains are part of the Carpathian mountain chain and are situated between Slovakia and Polandinfo-icon. Natural parks with stunning views are waiting for you here. Wildlife still has a home in this region. With some luck, you can see marmots, lynxes, and bears.

The Tatra Mountains are perfect for hiking and biking but are famous for winter sports. Visit Vysoké Tatry if you want a winter experience. Skiing is so popular that it has even a museum.

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The Slovakian part of Tatra Mountains includes the highest peak, and it is dedicated to the experienced hikers. Gerlachovsky Stit (2,655m), Lomnicky Stit (2,634 m), and Krivan (2,494 m) are the highest peaks that will really challenge you. The landscape definitely deserves your time and awe. On the Lomnicky Stit peak, there is even an Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory.

Bardejov Spa

Relax in the medieval town of Bardejov and discover the Bardejov Spa.

Bardejov Spa offers 17 mineral springs and an impressive list of famous guests. It is, after all, a 13th-century spa, mentioned by kings and emperors. The buildings are old and beautiful, with Art Nouveau style and many stories to tell. Russian Tsar Alexander I and Austrian Empress Elisabeth, known as Sisi, were treated here in the 19th century.

Even if it is a spa center, at Bardejov Spa, you'll find a ski slope with a ski lift directly in the spa area. Pretty cozy, isn't it?

Many Places to Visit in Slovakia

Slovakia is a generous and pleasant destination. It offers you beautiful cities, a relaxed atmosphere, and landscapes to remember a lifetime. Perhaps it is the mountain air, maybe the mineral waters, but this heavenly place is designed to do well to your body and spirit. 

Among the known places to visit in Slovakia you have to put unknown little places, time for walking, time for breathing nature, and time for enjoying a very healthy lifestyle.

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