The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Sunday, March 11, 2018

In the fast rhythm of the modern life, we sometimes forget that finding your passion is one of the most important things. “Why is that?” you might wonder.

Well, we may have a high-paid job, we may settle and have a family, we may feel comfortable and stable. However, it has nothing to do with being truly happy.

If you have not found your passion, your calling, then you are not fulfilled. You will constantly feel that something is missing.

This missing thing is your element, something which is deeply connected with your true identity, something that drives you and gives sense to everything.

This is why, finding your element, your passion is so important.

You have probably heard about Ken Robinson, a well-known British speaker and international advisor on education. His book “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything” is worth reading. It is an awakening experience which can become a great starting point for your journey to finding your passion. 

Listen to the summary at Blinkist. Also, you can listen to the book at Audible.

How to Find Your Calling

Always be passionate about the things you're doing

If you are a dreamer, remember, that you are not the only one, as the famous song says. However, you should also keep in mind that your dreams can come true.

And it is all up to you. You can have lots of talents. Those are aptitude – your ability to accomplish something. You can be good at different things.

You can have skills to complete this or that task. However, aptitude is not enough to move you, to inspire you, to make your life meaningful. It is all about passion.

You will know that you have found your element when you will feel delightful when you will lose the track of time when you will be fully absorbed by it. This is when you will realize that finding your passion is a completed task.

So, how to find your calling? Well, there is no single route or a universal number of steps you have to go through.

Everybody has their way of finding their element. And sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure out what this element is. It is vital to keep searching, to keep trying new things.

If you don’t feel content, if your projects do not make you feel happy and inspired, it means you have not found your element yet.

Finding Your “Tribe” – a Key Step to Success

Surround yourself with like-minded people to achieve your true potential!

Finding your passion is a complex process. You should not go through it alone, or it will be extremely hard not to get lost on the way.

It is essential to find your “tribe,” those people who will share your views, your passion. Those people will support you no matter what.

You will see lots of distractions on your way to finding your calling. There will be people who will not believe in your success, who will try to stop you and discourage you.

History knows lots of examples when the genius mind was locked in a prison of misunderstanding and cruelty. You should not let it happen to you.

It is vital to stick to your ideal, to follow your dream and to find your calling. You need support from others on the way to finding your calling, that is why it is necessary to find your “tribe”.

It Is Never Too Late

Many people believe finding your passion must bring some results during the early years. If you have not found it until a certain time, it is too late to keep looking.

But this is not right! If you still have not found your element, your age should not be the reason to stop looking for it.

There are lots of stories of success of people who found their calling late in life, went back to college in their 50s, changes careers and finally became happy. It is never too late to learn new things, open new horizons and explore the unknown.

You should keep your curious mind busy, no matter how old you are.

So, if you are ready to change everything you should follow these steps:

  • Look for your element, something that you can call your true calling
  • Do not mix the element with the aptitude. You can have lots of abilities and skills, but only your element will bring you happiness and satisfaction
  • Find your “tribe”, people who will support you on the way to finding your passion
  • Do not give up, keep searching for your element
  • It is never too late to find your element, and you are never too old to change your life and start with a bank page. 

If you follow these principles sooner or later, you will find your calling. This will probably change your life, but it can also change the lives of other people. Your example can inspire others to start searching for their element. As a result, we will have the new generation of content individuals living a happy life.