Abundance: Transformative Technologies

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Transformative technologies are shaping our lives, changing the world we live in. It is a very exciting time to live, even though it feels overwhelming at times.

Some people focus on the negative things they face in their daily lives, but if they look deeper into the matter of things, they will realize something important. Abundance marks our future. It cannot be different because we can see the impact of new technologies on our lives. 

Modern technologies can solve the issues we are facing today since they help to manage the world’s resources most efficiently. All we need to do is to open our minds and see the brighter side of the future awaiting ahead. 

A good starting point would be the book “Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think.” It was written by the American engineer and physician Peter H. Diamandis and a well-known journalist Steven Kotler. These authors draw people’s attention to the influence of cutting-edge technology on our lives and the ways they are shaping our future. Listen to the summary at Blinkist or Listen to the book at Audible.

Stay Connected to the World

Social media is a powerful tool that connects people from all over the world.

Transformative technologies are entering our lives in many different ways. With the development of new technologies and electronics, we could experience a dramatic change in our lifestyle. The spread of internet and social networks led to a closer connection between people.

Those who live in remote areas and used to be unaware of world events, now have a great chance to stay informed. They have an opportunity to see the world and meet people from other continents. 

Social networks are powerful tools which if used wisely can solve many social problems and get people engaged in something big and wonderful. Soon, almost half of the Earth population will have access to the internet. It means that those people will be able to join the global conversation, change their lives and open new horizons. 

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Just think, how amazing this is! Transformative technologies make incredible things happen, keeping people connected.

Education is a Key Step to Building a Brighter Future

Online education is free of charge in most cases and doesn't depend on your location.

Social networks are not the only positive factor, which we can experience today. Everybody knows that lots of people in particular regions cannot get the proper education. It means that there is no opportunity for them to get out of the poverty trap and change their life. Why? The answer is obvious. 

Education is a key component of success. However, the situation is changing, thanks to transformative technologies. 

Nowadays, anyone can study as long as there is internet access since there are so many courses online. Many of them are free, which makes it even more accessible for those people who live in the remote areas and do not have a chance to travel to school. So, wherever you are, you can always continue your education, choose the course you are interested in or find an online tutor. 

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This is a giant step for the sphere of education. It gives hope that further generations of students will become open-minded individuals with a great international background. 

Online learning is an excellent alternative to traditional education, which is becoming outdated.

Transformative Technologies to Alter Our Lives and Make Us Happy

Sharing your ideas with the help of transformative technologies to inspire more people has never been easier than today!

Education, social networks and the spread of internet are proving the great positive impact transformative technologies have. However, their influence is not limited by those. People have made ultimate progress in all spheres of our life during the past decades. 

Just look at the use of solar energy technology, innovative methods of growing food, nanotechnology and sensors, to mention a few. 

We, humans, have produced a lot of things to be proud of. We live in a fantastic time when new achievements are conducted every day. So, we have all the reasons to believe that our future, the future of humanity will be bright and abundant. 

If you want to stay tuned and develop the more optimistic view of the future you should:

  • Keep studying. All the time. It is never too late to learn something new, especially taking into account the number of online courses and educational resources. Lots of them can be used for free. 
  • Stay up-to-date with “abundance” technologies. You will be amazed how these technologies change our lives for better, making impossible things possible. 
  • Be connected to the world. It is not about being dependent on gadgets or social networks. It is about staying alarmed, developing an active life position and sharing your ideas with the world.
  • Spread the good vibes. Think positive and share this attitude with others. We are building our future today, and it all depends on the way we think, the way we see the world and the quality of our thoughts. 

There are lots of reasons to be optimistic about our future, which will well be abundant. The tendencies for abundance are already here, with transformative technologies, with the development of artificial intelligence, robots, 3D printing, technologies reducing waste and so many more.

So, be positive, you have all the chances to the future of abundance awaiting ahead.