Altruism: Compassion to Change Yourself and the World

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Our world is a fantastic place full of beautiful people, so if you decide to change yourself to make the world even better, the right time to start is today.

No matter how hard life can seem at times, you should just look around. You will see more acts of pure kindness and altruism than you could possibly imagine. It is in human nature to feel the need to care for others. As soon as you discover this fact you will never be the same.

If you are on a path of altruism and are willing to change yourself and the world, it is a great plan to begin with a book by Matthieu Ricard. The book’s title speaks for itself – “Altruism: Compassion to Change Yourself and the World.” This is not just a good read; it is an eye-opening experience which will make you rethink many things.

The book helps to build a bridge between science and spirituality and is a must-read for the professional caregivers and psychologists. Written by a Buddhist monk practicing in the Tibetan tradition it will also be useful for people who are interested in social equity and who are caring for others. 

Listen to the summary at Blinkist or listen to the book at Audible

What is Altruism?

The true meaning of altruism is pure happiness.

As Matthieu Ricard emphasizes in his book, altruism is people’s desire to care for others. Through the prism of evolutionary theory and philosophy, he sees altruism as an inevitable part of a human being.

However, there are two forms of altruism – the natural altruism and the one we can cultivate, develop in ourselves throughout our lives. 

If you are already thinking of how to change yourself, it is the first step on your way to cultivating altruism. It is believed that people in their nature are egocentric, driven by self-mind devotion. This is not necessarily true. We can see that many people seem to focus on themselves, trying to reach their personal goals, no matter what.

However, it is not right for all individuals. Moreover, even those focused on personal benefits sometimes realize that profit and recognition are not the most important things. That’s when they change their attitude and turn to the altruistic ideas. 

Love is contagious

The circle of love is sure to spread contagious energy!

According to Tibetan Buddhist teachings, the actual cause of suffering is ignorance. 

When you do your work just to be paid at the end of the month, and you are not compassionate, you are never going to be happy. But if you radiate love, share your inner light with others, your life will gain deeper meaning, you will see the sense of your existence and find happiness.

Did you know that love is contagious? 

The more love you give more will come back to you. Some people call it a boomerang effect. Whatever you radiate, the universe will give back to you. So, if you change yourself and develop kind attitude to people and the world you are most likely to end up reaching your goals and making this world a better place, building a brighter tomorrow.

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It is no longer believed that brain develops until a certain age. According to neuroplasticity, the brain keeps growing more neurons throughout our lives, and it is up to you and your way of thinking which neurons will be grown.

Action Plan to Change Yourself

Meditation is the first step in unlocking the true potential of your mind.

So, how to become a true altruist? What do you start with when you decide to change yourself? There are specific techniques which you should follow to reach your goal of becoming a true altruist and make a difference in the world. 

  • Meditate. It is not only the powerful way to cultivate altruism, but an excellent opportunity to stay healthy and slow the aging effect. 
  • Practice cooperative learning. Altruism and education are tightly connected. Practice empathy and encourage collaboration between people while learning in groups, not individually.
  • Fight inequality. Selfish thinking only produces misery, and inequality is a key step to poverty and depression. That is why it is important to have an active life position and fight disparities at all levels.
  • Develop a habit to think positive. You can bravely face obstacles and life difficulties if you have the right attitude to them. Positive thinking can make miracles. Keep thinking positively, and very soon you will see how your life will change.
  • Do not seek recognition. Publicity and social recognition do not matter for the true altruist. 

Keep all of these in mind, and you will be able to become a true altruist. Moreover, you can inspire others to follow your steps. This means that more people will be awakened from the realization of the nature of altruism. It will lead to the start of a new era in the human history.

You are building your future today, and it is entirely up to you to make it bright and abundant. It all depends on your mindset and desire to help and care for others.