What to Do in Saigon as a Female Solo Traveler

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saigon is one of the best cities in Asiainfo-icon for solo female travelers. Aside from the delicious local foods, the city is filled with several cultural and historical landmarks that you’ll definitely not run out of things to do in this vibrant Asian city.

Saigon's tourism is fast growing and the city is now drawing millions of affluent visitors from around the world including female solo travelers. Fortunately, Saigon is a relatively safe city for women travelers and the incidence of crime rate in this part of the world is quite low. However, just like with visiting any other cities in the world, you must exercise utmost precaution when roaming around the city on your own. And if you’re wondering what to do in Saigon for solo female travelers like you, check out the list below.

#1- Indulge in the Most Delicious Vietnamese Cuisines

One of the main reasons why many would flock to Vietnaminfo-icon is to enjoy their delicious local foods. Thus, the first thing that every traveler should do upon arriving in Saigon is to go on a food tour and enjoy the best of Vietnamese cuisines. Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup, is definitely a must try. The spring rolls are also divine and you can find them being sold all over the streets of Saigon. Although there are lots of fancy restaurants in the city that serves the most delicious Vietnamese cuisines, it may be worth checking out the local food stalls at the streets. It’s fun, safe and a great way to learn more about the Vietnamese local food scene.

#2- Explore the City on a Scooter

What to Do in Saigon
Explore the city in a scooter

You'll surely be amazed by the sheer number of scooters and motorcycles running around the city of Saigon. Thus, if you want to experience the city like a local, rent a Vespa and enjoy an exhilarating way to discover Saigon. If you're not comfortable driving around the city, join an organized tour where you get to ride at the back seat of a scooter while a local guide drives you through the city’s iconic sights and historical landmarks.

#3- Stay at a Local Homestay

One of the downsides of traveling solo is that you get to pay more for your accommodation since you’ll have no one to share the cost with. Sure, there are lots of backpacker hostels in Saigon, but for female travelers who want to enjoy their privacy, staying at these hostels may not be the best option. The best way to save money on your accommodation in Saigon is to stay at a local homestay. Staying with a local is also a great opportunity to learn more about the Vietnamese culture, and if you're lucky, your host might even cook a local meal for you or tour you around the city for free!

#4- Meet Local People at the Parks Around the City

What to Do in Saigon
Meet some locals at the park

There may be some days during your trip that you just want to relax and take in the natural beauty of the city. So if you’re wondering what to do in Saigon during one of those “downtime” days, visit one of the local parks where you could meet some students who are eager to learn English by practicing their speaking skills with you. Simply stroll along the park and soon, these young locals will approach you and start having a conversation with you. Take this opportunity to get to know the country more by asking them about their culture and way of living.

#5- Shop at the Local Markets

It's a given fact that girls love shopping. Thus, you can never leave Saigon without visiting the vibrant local markets and scour for cheap souvenirs and local crafts. Although the Ben Thanh market is the most popular local market in Saigon, it may be worth visiting the Cho Lon Market at District 5. This market is less touristy and there are not many eager vendors who will keep on pressuring you to buy their goods. While you may not find a lot of souvenirs being sold in this market, there are plenty of fresh produce and Vietnamese goods that are definitely worth checking out.

#6- Get Pampered at a Local Spa

After exploring the city and discovering some of Saigon’s most interesting sights and landmarks, it's time to visit a local spa for some pampering! Spas are everywhere in Saigon, particularly in the Pham Ngu Lao area and most of them are open until late at night. Others will even serve you a glass of tea or wine after a relaxing massage. What's more, the spa packages are so affordable. In fact, a basic pampering might cost less than half of what you would pay back home.

So if you're one of the many solo female travelers who is wondering what to do in Saigon, the list above should get you covered.

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