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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Anyone who has been to Indonesiainfo-icon or even planning a trip there soon has already or wants to visit Bali. Bali is one of the top tourist destinations in Indonesia. Indonesia is comprised of thousands of islands and Bali is one of the larger islands.

It’s home to many Indonesian attractions. Bali is popular because it’s a place to really experience much of the Indonesian culture. It’s also very scenic and has some of the best beaches around the entire country.

With all of these great points, it’s easy to overlook many of the other great destinations in Indonesia. You’ll definitely want to add these other great places in Indonesia to your bucket list.


Port in Jakarta

Once you visit Bali, you will see the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia but by far not the largest. That title is held by Jakarta, the country’s capital. Jakarta is located on the island of Java and is the largest city in both size and population. With this many people, you can be sure that there is a lot to discover in Jakarta.

Jakarta is the Indonesian hub for economics, politics, and culture. The city has well-established centers for each of these. Jakarta is a well-developed, modern city. Architecture is one factor that attracts people to Jakarta. It is also a very diverse city.

The mix of foreigners and locals in Jakarta has brought a cultural blend to the city. You can see international influences all around from the entertainment to dining. The abundance of museums around the city provide exhibits showcasing much of the Indonesian culture and history. Jakarta is also where you will discover the largest shopping mall in the world.


Rice fields in Bandung

Bandung is another one of Indonesia’s largest cities, located not too far away from Jakarta. Bandung is actually a frequent destination for people in Jakarta that provides similar yet more variety when it comes to entertainment, shopping, etc. The city does have its own attractions that make it a great destination to discover.

Bandung began as a small Dutch town centered around plantations but over the years it experienced a boom. It has now become the third most populous Indonesian city. Throughout the entire metropolis, you will find influence from the traditional Dutch architecture to modern, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

One of the major draws to the city is sports. Bandung has one of the most talented football organizations in Indonesia. It is also where you can find professional basketball games and public golf courses to enjoy. The entire city is surrounded by volcanic mountains so it also offers a bit of nature to experience while here.


Temple in Yogyakarta

The Indonesian island of Java has another great destination in case the size of Jakarta gets to be too overwhelming. Yogyakarta is another modern city but much less populated.

Yogyakarta is known around Indonesia as an educational center. The city is actually home to the most prominent university in Indonesia in addition to several other public and private universities. Even though much of the population here consists of students, it’s a popular destination for many local tourists. Yogyakarta will definitely let you experience an exciting part of the Indonesian culture, that you will miss out entirely when you only visit Bali.

Yogyakarta is known for its Batik culture so you will see a lot of influence around the entire city. There is also a famous Batik marketplace where you can find lots of handicrafts and traditional artwork. Buddhism also has historically had influence as the city is nearby to two large Buddhist temples. To cater to its young population, there is a lot of performing arts in the city including dance, theatre, and even puppet shows.


Lombok beach

Lombok presents an entirely new view of Indonesia. One of the main attractions is the numerous beaches. If that’s what draws your interest, you’ll definitely want to discover Lombok. Lombok is an island just as Bali and has many of the same similarities. It’s definitely a place to go to get a great outdoor experience in Indonesia.

You won’t find any large cities around Lombok. Much of the island is undeveloped which makes it perfect for enjoying nature.

Lombok consists of its main island and many smaller surrounding islands called the Gili Islands. The centerpiece of the main island is Mount Rinjani, the second largest volcano in Indonesia. Around the entire island are quiet, deserted beaches. These beaches are known for their white sands and clear waters.

It has recently grown into a destination for surfers. If you explore the island long enough, you just may across its scenic waterfall.

Discover Indonesia

Roads in Indonesia

Indonesia has a lot to offer as a country. Bali is only one of the thousands of islands here. There is a range of possibilities of what to experience while visiting.

You can get a taste of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world or have a quieter experience enjoying nature on one of the countless beaches. Around the entire country are diverse people, culture, and entertainment. Visit Bali and you just see a small part of the amazing country of Indonesia.

After discovering one of the many other gems of Indonesia, you just may find a new favorite destination.

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