Go Trekking in the Nepalese Himalayan Mountain Range

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The most magnificent mountain range in the world is the Himalayan mountain range. The mountains stretch across five countries. 

Not only is it long but it’s also very high. The Himalayas is where you’ll find most of the top peaks in the world. The highest peak of them all is Mount Everest, which is the highest point on Earth. 

The mountain range has also had historical significance. It has shaped the societies and culture of everyone located in the Himalayan region. Many mountain villages are still around today. 

Nepalinfo-icon is a great destination to visit to access the Himalayas. The Nepalese region includes Mount Everest and is one of the best places to visit for trekking in the mountains. 

Hiking through the Himalayas will be one of the best experiences you'll ever have. That is one of the top sites for hiking and climbing in the entire world. 

The high peaks definitely make it worth the challenge to ascend the mountain. The altitudes that you reach while climbing through the mountain are some of the highest elevations on Earth. 

This condition and many more need to be prepped for before visiting the Himalayan mountain range.

There are many different routes throughout the mountains. Tours are the best way of navigating throughout them. There is a lot to see on the way up to the range’s highest peaks that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Mount Everest

Climbing Mount Everest is the highlight of the Himalayan Mountain Range tour.

Mount Everest is definitely the highlight of the Himalayas. This iconic mountain is the highest peak on Earth. It rises almost 30,000 feet. 

That’s as high as commercial airplanes fly. It’s a major attraction for people who enjoy hiking and climbing. Reaching the summit is a big task that many people want to accomplish.

There are two different routes to get to the top of the mountain. The most common route is found on the Nepalese side of the Himalayan Mountain Range. 

The trek of this side of the mountain overlooks the Sagarmatha National Park. That was the first park established in Nepal and covers the area stretching all the way up to the Everest peak.

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Hiking up Mount Everest will be the main event when visiting the mountain range. This route alone will take you through a variety of ecosystems, weather conditions, wildlife, and more. 

The features of the mountain change with the elevation. Doing this climb will last multiple days to ascend and descend.

Tours are common for hiking up Mount Everest. There are a lot of tour guide operators that provide multiday trips to the summits. These guides are also a great resource for preparing yourself for the climb, understanding what to expect, and just general information about the mountain.

Planning to do a stunning trek to Everest Base Camp? Be sure to read a detailed Everest Base Camp trek itinerary to pack yourself with valuable information for this breathtaking trek.

What to Expect in the Himalayas?

Nature on Himalaya is very diverse, and you can expect many different landscapes while climbing to the top.

The most noticeable characteristic about trekking the Himalayan mountain range is the climbing conditions. It is the world’s highest elevation, so the weather conditions reflect that. 

The higher up you go, the thinner the air. Many tours provide oxygen tanks for use at the higher altitudes. Temperature is another factor to be prepared for. The Himalayas has ice-covered peaks and is capable of avalanches at times.

Another thing to look forward to while in the Himalayas are the variations in ecosystems. The Himalayas has a wide range of plant and animal life. 

The types of species you see differ by where you are on the mountain and how high up you are. Many kinds of birds can be found circling the peaks. Many of the animals that you’ll come across in the Himalayas are native to the regions. 

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That includes Snow Leopards, Himalayan Black Bears, and the rare Red Pandas.

The highest reward for climbing through the Himalayas are the views. You will be hiking through the highest region in the world. The Nepalese side for hiking up the mountain will let you see amazing landscapes of the national park. 

When you reach the peak, you’ll literally be overlooking the whole world.

Himalayan Tours

There are many Himalayan tours that can get you up to the top - it's up to you to choose the way.

Trekking through the Himalayan mountain range is for anyone. You can easily find tours for people of all ages. Certain providers include kid-friendly hikes. 

Other providers extend their services to elders. Hiking through the Himalayas can be fun either as a solo traveler or going as a group. You can find private tours or join with a public hiking group.

The routes winding through the mountains vary greatly. Nepal is a common start point for many of the treks on the mountain. Mount Everest is by far the most popular Himalayan adventure, but you can find tours to many of the other high peaks. 

They also vary in difficulty. Not all routes are the same. Tour guides help take you on the best route suitable for your skill level. That can range from beginners to expert climbers. 

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There are resources at different mountain base camps that serve as training camps for climbing the mountain.

There are a few ways that you can experience the Himalayas. Hiking is the most common method of venturing through the mountain range, but there are other options to explore. 

Cycling is an exciting way to discover more of the Himalayas. Cycling routes have been developed, and tours take you around to the best cycling sites. 

Riding is a faster way to get around the mountain. There are car tours that are simply used as transportation on the mountain. 

The Himalayas are considered the greatest mountain range in the world. The mountains have had a major impact on this Asian region historically. 

It’s also important in the modern day as a top tourist attraction for many of the included countries. The best section of the mountain lies within the borders of Nepal. 

Mount Everest, the centerpiece of the Himalayas is located here. Accessing this peak must be done from Nepal.

The views from the summits are the obvious wonders of hiking through the Himalayan Mountain Range. Its high elevation gives you incredible views from anywhere on the mountain. There is also a lot to discover in between the peaks. The hike will be enjoyed surrounded by unique plant life and rare animals.

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