These 7 Tips Will Ensure Your Trip To Thailand Is A Memorable One

Friday, December 3, 2021

Thailandinfo-icon is surely a top destination that many travelers want to flock to. So, you’ve booked your tickets, and now you’re ready to plan your trip to Thailand. How do you make sure it’s the epic adventure that you’ve been dreaming of? Use these tips to learn how!

1. Dress Appropriately while Visiting The Monuments  

Thailand is full of many thousands of beautiful pagodas, stupas, and temples made of incredible, intricately laid mosaics of glass, gold, and precious stone. Worshippers and travelers alike are left in awe as they wander these exquisite, spiritual monuments, and you should make it a priority to visit at least a few on your trip. 

Just remember, all visitors to sacred sites are required to cover their shoulders and knees, so remember to dress appropriately. You will also be asked to remove your shoes before entering temples and pagodas. 

2. Eat Well, But Also Eat Safe

One of the biggest draws of Thailand is the food. It is super easy to eat amazing food all day and spend less than US$20! In fact, most Thai people in Bangkok eat take-away on a daily basis for all three meals. You’ll find street vendors everywhere, offering barbecued meats, fresh fruits and smoothies, noodles, soups, curries, and many other delicious treats. 

Just remember to be aware of how food is stored and prepared as travelers are usually more susceptible to bacterias that cause food poisoning. As a rule, try to stick to foods that are freshly prepared, right in front of you if possible, and stick to fruits that you can peel for yourself or that are cut upon order. 

3. Treat Yourself To A Daily Relaxing Thai Massage

Thailand is also known for its inexpensive massages. No matter where you are, there is undoubtedly a Thai massage around the corner. It’s a fantastic way to relax your sore muscles after a day of touring and sightseeing, and an hour-long, traditional Thai massage will run you about US$8-10. 

If you are a spa junkie in your normal life or just really want to pamper yourself, then you will also appreciate a visit (or a few) to higher-end spas, which despite being offered by luxury hotels and resorts are very affordable for western travelers. You can get an hour-long massage for about US$40, or indulge in package specials, which typically involve 2-3 services for around US$100-150. 

4. Stay In An Incredible Beach-front Villa (and You’ll Never Want To Leave)

Imagine waking up to the sound of crashing waves, (and it isn’t Alexa softly urging you to rise!) Thailand boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and no trip to Thailand is complete without at least one night in an incredible beach-front villa.

Tourists flock to Phuket and Krabi to get the real tropical experience, taking day trips to Phi Phi Island, eating seafood that is caught the same day, and drinking out of freshly cracked coconuts. 

It’s always a good idea to stay informed about what’s going on in the real estate market because this will give you insight into the variety of offers that are available. Staying informed well in advance keeps you ahead of the game because you learn to understand patterns of high and low seasons as well, helping you get the best deals. In fact, so many westerners love the beaches so much that they decide to buy real estate in Phuket and join the expatriate community. Some even use the property as a vacation home and pay off the mortgage by welcoming other travelers craving the white sands. 

5. See Many Creatures, But Avoid Animal Tourism

Social media often shows happy travelers playing with tiger cubs and riding elephants during their travels in Thailand. The sad truth is that these endangered animals are being held captive by profit-driven businesses calling themselves sanctuaries. Unfortunately, the animals’ health and well-being are often neglected. 

Do your research before you visit. If an animal haven offers visitors animal riding or bathing that’s typically a sign that something is amiss. 

6. Volunteer With Animals

Fortunately, Thailand is also home to a number of incredible organizations that work for the animals’ benefit and operate under eco-tourism values. You are welcome and encouraged to visit these places and support their work. 

Many of these shelters also welcome volunteers and offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences, letting you get up-close interactions with these magnificent creatures while also learning about them and respecting their well-being. 

Thailand is also full of street dogs and cats. If you’re a sucker for human’s best friend, you can volunteer at Soi Dog Foundation, working to enrich the resident dogs and to help prepare them for adoption, and spending time cuddling the kitties. 

7. Take Advantage of Affordable Travel

It is super easy and inexpensive to travel around Thailand, whether you travel by train, plane, or bus. You can find flights for as low as US$15, and you can even score a round trip for just a few dollars more. 

If you take the bus, other travelers may encourage you to take the VIP bus. The ticket will cost a nominal amount more, but you’ll ride in a newer, far more comfortable bus that offers ample personal space, reclining seats, and is fitted with charging portals.

There is no limit to the fun that can be had in Thailand. As with any new place you travel to, doing your own research, planning ahead, and staying safe is important to make the most of your vacation. So by following these tips, you are certain to have a memorable holiday!

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