Adrian Sameli

A digital entrepreneur from Switzerlandinfo-icon

I grew up in Basel, a fairly international city in Switzerland. My family was a colorful mixture of entrepreneurs and creatives, from early on I was exposed to two different worlds. Since I have received my first computer, I was fascinated by digital technology. Instead of playing games, I learned how to design and build websites. With a diploma in Creative Media Design, I entered the business world. With the support of my first employer, I built and managed a business unit. It was a fully functional web agency that allowed me to pursue my dream: Using innovative technology and new media to connect people and spread knowledge for a better world of tomorrow.

Following my passion: technology and travel

After over a decade in the media industry, I wanted to see and experience something different. At the age of 31, I switched my office job with a life on the road. Since then, I’m a web enthusiast on the road, a passionate traveler with an obsession for underrated, unknown places. On several epic journeys, I have explored many wonderful places on our planet:

  • In 2015 I drove through every country eastern of Switzerland on the European continent except Greeceinfo-icon (25,000 kilometers and 30 countries in total).
  • In 2016 I drove through all of Eastern and Southern Africainfo-icon from Nairobi, Kenyainfo-icon, to Cape Town, South Africainfo-icon (15,000 kilometers and 15 countries in total).
  • In 2017 I traveled through most of South and South East Asiainfo-icon (16 countries in total) including large parts of Indiainfo-icon all the way from Kashmir to Kerela.
  • In 2018 I joined a friend who drove from Switzerland via Central Asiainfo-icon and the Silk Road all the way to Dubai (passing by 15 countries in total).
  • In 2019 I drove together with my girlfriend from Switzerland to the Scottish highlands (driving through 10 European countries, including Great Britain).
  • In 2020 I drove together with my girlfriend from Switzerland to Sierra Leoneinfo-icon (passing by 10 countries on the Budapest-Bamako Rally in Western Africainfo-icon).

In these short 5 years, I have passed through over 101 nations, which is more than half the world's countries. My travels have brought me to the most amazing people who received me with open arms around the world. I have learned that the world is much more beautiful and hospitable than currently portrayed by the global media. Especially in places with scarce resources and opportunities, the local population was even more warm-hearted towards strangers like me.

Adrian from aSabbatical driving through Guinea (Budapest-Bamako Rally) in an old Opel Corsa
Adrian from aSabbatical driving through Guineainfo-icon (Budapest-Bamako Rally) in an old Opel Corsa

Ticking off my endless bucket list

Over the years, I was able to tick off many items from my bucket list. At the same time, my curiosity and urge to explore new territories continued to grow. I always considered the path and experiencing the moment more important than the final destination. This is where all the magic happens, where unexpected encounters lead to frustration or joy, and ultimately to a deeper understanding of oneself.

Here are my current top items from my bucket list:

  • Exploring all of Chinainfo-icon (中国) by car or train
  • Driving the Panamericana, all across the Americasinfo-icon
  • Driving all around the Mediterranean Sea (currently not safe)
  • Sailing the Caribbean and also Oceaniainfo-icon (if I don't get seasick!)

Yes, I’m always looking for new opportunities and challenges!

Spreading my experience through postcards

There are endless solo travel blogs on the internet but my project is different! Since the first day if my amazing journey, I have sent a postcard from a different location every single day. Yes, that is already a total of over 750 unique postcards. Those artworks are telling my personal stories and have inspired many many people to explore more. Besides a few very famous places, I mostly promote unknown or underrated sites and projects. I want to give people an extraordinary insight into places they have never heard of before but might find interesting. I want to spark their interest and show them, that there is more than just the world-famous top 10 places! This vision, I’m also underlining through my blog articles and YouTube videos. In selected topics, I’m promoting a more mindful and conscious travel to less hyped places. It’s all about meeting real people and experiencing new cultures.

Adrian from aSabbatical passed through over 101 countries as a digital nomad in 5 years.
Adrian from aSabbatical passed through over 101 countries as a digital nomad in 5 years.

Helping people in need: pro bono consulting

All my travels and projects, I’m financing through my consulting business. As an independent freelancer, I’m working with clients around the world. I have worked with diverse clients in Europeinfo-icon, Africa, America, and India. Since I gave up my apartment in Switzerland, I’m living on a low budget anywhere in the world. I can afford to offer my professional services pro bono for social impact projects. Thanks to the amazing elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization, I could already support the following projects:

  • Angaza: affordable energy products for the world's 1 billion off-grid consumers
  • iCow: securing Africa’s food production through educating farmers digitally
  • Dharma Life: alleviating poverty in India through rural entrepreneurship

Yes, I am always looking for new projects to support. Drop me a mail if you are interested!

Adrian from aSabbatical on a social impact mission (pro bono) for Angaza in Kenya.
Adrian from aSabbatical on a social impact mission (pro bono) for Angaza in Kenya.

Adrian jumping of joy at the beach of jurmala in latvia at the baltic sea