Andriana Moskovska

Andriana Moskovska freelance travel writer at aSabbatical
Traveling is a learning experience that takes us out of our comfort zone and broadens our minds.

I’m an English Language Teacher with an overwhelming passion for travelling. I love visiting new places and seeing what it is that makes them so special and unique. I like to go to towns and cities that other people might not think of visiting. Then, I love to write about my experiences there and share them with anyone who would like to hear them. The history of a place is what wheels me in, while the people and the overall experience is what makes me come back again. I’ve written several travel articles for many blogs, and hope to continue writing as I continue my journeys. Although I’m rather new at travel writing, it’s definitely something that I see myself doing for a long time, since what better way is there to share your experiences than by documenting it.