David Gabric

David Gabric freelance content writer at aSabbatical.com
Traveling is a powerful tool to change yourself and the world around you, use it responsibly for a good cause!

David Gabric started travelling around when he was still a little kid – going at his grandparents' every summer. This was a time when he had to adapt to a more rural lifestyle. Going back, this was a great learning experience which made him appreciate the people and nature more than other material things.

There were many more travel opportunities throughout Europeinfo-icon which he took during high-school. That was the period where he was more interested in nightlife and getting wrecked rather than learning more about the people and their circumstances.

Then came the freshman year. Ah yes, the 2017. That year was filled with so many inspiring and epic experiences which made him go solo on a week trip to Germanyinfo-icon. The goal of the trip was to embrace himself in the Bavarian culture as much as he could in the circumstances.

Because of that, the trip was 200% more enjoyable!

David wants to explore the world beyond Europe, and he knows that it's achievable by persistence and discipline.