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Travelling is the best way to broaden your horizons. We all overestimate our knowledge about the world, until we start exploring it.

I’ve been in love with travelling since I was a kid. From comfy vacations with the parents to less luxurious, but insanely fun trips in my student days, travelling in any form makes me happy. A love for travelling combined with a passion for photography is what keeps my hard drives full and my bank account empty. Another passion of mine is writing, and having the chance to write about travelling is a dream come true. The end result of any trip I make is at least a thousand photos accompanied by an equal amount of words.

I have mostly travelled around Europeinfo-icon, because it is easiest to book last minute and will still leave you with enough money to survive that month. Jokes aside, I enjoyed every trip on our beautiful continent and even had enough money left over for small souvenirs. The trip is only as expensive as you make it and if you plan it well, it can save you a lot of euros. The reason why I am emphasizing the financial aspect is because this was a big concern for me during my student days and I think those who are still at Uni can relate. Just know that it is possible to travel, even on a student budget, so don’t listen to those who claim otherwise.

I was lucky enough to have a like-minded friend and roommate, who also didn’t like to listen to the nay-sayers and so, she became my travel companion. We always made sure to go somewhere together at last once a year and we always ended up having an adventure. Our latest trip was to Barcelona, Spaininfo-icon, just before we moved out of our student house. Now, we are living in different countries, but we made a pact to keep our ‘’once a year travel deal’’ going.

Our plans (perhaps still only dreams at this point) include travelling beyond Europe for a while. Personally, I have only been to Asiainfo-icon a couple times, while visiting family members, but I would like to go on a more adventurous journey, either with my travel buddy or alone. I am sure I will figure out a way to accomplish this. If I managed to travel while I was a student, I think I will be able to plan some adventurous vacations while working. If travelling during my student days has taught me anything, it’s that more comfort does not equal more fun. Sometimes it can even be the other way around. I might not have always had a roof over my head during my travels, but I have always had a blast!