Raeesha Ikram

Raeesha Ikram freelance content writer for aSabbatical
Travelling isn’t a mere journey to different places. Instead, it’s an eye-opener revealing how beautifully diverse the world is.

I get enthusiastic by the mere word ‘travel’ because for me it’s something fascinating and adventurous. This is exactly why I am so passionate about writing travel-related content to inspire the readers. I don’t write because I have to but because I want to. When I write about a particular travel destination, it makes me feel like I am already there. It makes me feel more eager to head to those places and experience their wonders. That’s the specialty of writing about travel and tourism.

I believe every bit of traveling is an adventure that is good enough to spark the adrenaline. I love writing about travel destinations that promote wildlife, culture, and adventure. This actually helps to promote the importance of protecting exotic fauna and flora. It also helps people understand about different races, cultures, and religions and value them. What I really want is to provide interesting and informative writings for the readers to spark their interest in travel!