South Africa: from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean

Crossing the beautiful and vast country in the very South of Africa. Passing by ghost towns, shipwrecks and goa trance parties on my overland road trip from Namibia to Cape Town. Then, moving on to the East through the Garden Route and Port Elizabeth, before getting North again. There, I was dancing at a goa psytrance festival in Springs, fly fishing and visiting one of Africas largest National Parks.

Lesotho: the heavenly African Mountain Kingdom

Driving through the highest Kingdom in the world. From Maseru to Mafikeng and then Kome. Passing by the Thaba Bosiu cultural village on a horseback, finding dinosaur footprints in Mafikeng and rock paintings in Kome, then dancing and laughing with local children.

Kruger National Park: self-driving safari in South Africa

Self-driving safari game-drive through the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Spotting many animals including Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes, Water Buffalos and surprisingly many Rhinos - but unfortunately no cats at all.

Cape Town: exploring the Cape Peninsula

Living one month in Cape Town and exploring the Cape Peninsula, including the Cape Point National Park, Table Mountain and the dunes of Atlantis. Observing Penguins in Simon's Town, hunting for shipwrecks at the Olifantsbosbaai, visiting Cecil Rhodes Memorial and enjoying the stunning view along the coastline.

Sandboarding in Atlantis, South Africa

Riding down a sand dune on a snowboard for the first time in my life. Having fun with a group of international travellers, carving through the heavy and hot sand, getting a ride back up on a rough 4wd pickup.