Botswana: driving through a very dry country

Crossing one of the dryest countries in Africa overland by car. Driving from Francistown via Gweta and Maun to Tsodilo. Passing by the Kalahari Pans and Okavango Delta, getting stuck in the sand of the Moremi Reserve and Climbing the Hills of Tsodilo to find beautiful Bushmen Rock Paintings.

Swaziland: driving through the last absolute African Kingdom

Crossing the last absolute African Kingdom between South Africa and Mocambique. Visiting cultural events, talking with locals and breathing in the warm African air.

Maputo: exploring the fading capital of Mocambique

Entering Mocambique via Swaziland and driving into Maputo, the crumbling capital. Walking through town, crossing a pulsating market street and passing by the National Railway Station.

Sandboarding in Atlantis, South Africa

Riding down a sand dune on a snowboard for the first time in my life. Having fun with a group of international travellers, carving through the heavy and hot sand, getting a ride back up on a rough 4wd pickup.

Black Motion live in Swaziland (9th Dec 2016)

Dancing to the rhythmic tunes and pumping bassline of the South African superstars Black Motion as well as other electro DJs. Attracted by the loud music from far away, I was enjoying this surprisingly bustling night together with the youth and the prince of Swaziland.