Change the World With Your Invention or Contribution

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Have you ever had an impressive idea that you thought it could change the world during the night? Everyone has that kind of idea during their lifetime, but the problem is that not so many ideas see the light in the world. What’s the reason for that?

Well, it’s not so hard to brainstorm a good idea, especially if you’re connected with high-energy and positive people. The thing is that the most difficult part of it is to make that idea happen. If you have an idea of creating the revolutionary software that would change the way of thinking of masses, that’s great! The majority of people stay in the idea phase as they don’t have knowledge or skills to make this idea practical and useful. Also, people are too busy with their regular things in life, so they don’t have enough energy to invest in the learning and creative process.

We get it that you don’t want to think about anything related to work after you had a heavy day in the office, but what if we tell you that it isn’t so hard to make your idea see the light in the world?

There are many platforms and places where you can pitch your ideas and connect with the professionals in the field if they see the potential in your idea. You need to do some work on it to make a sketch and presentation of your idea look appealing for potential people who would love to work on it. That’s the way how to make your idea happen even if you don’t have any skills required.

Your Invention or Contribution
Your Invention or Contribution

How to Make Your Idea, That Will Change the World, Happen

There is not a blueprint on how to make your idea happen, but there are some activities you can take to be sure you have a greater possibility of converting it to reality. You must have a strong vision of the idea. It means that you must be sure what your idea is all about and how it will benefit the world. If the idea has crystal clear vision of the future, it’s much easier to work on from that point as you know the direction you want to go. Also, if you’re looking from a different aspect, you will attract more people willing to help if you present them a clear vision and belief in your idea. That way, you can get many professionals on board who can help you in realizing your idea with the skills or other resources.

This one is a crucial one, what is the purpose and what impact your idea will have on the world? The greatest ideas are the ones that are changing the communities and have a positive impact on people who are surrounded by it. When placing the product or service on the market, you must be sure that you exactly know the benefits people will have by using it. If you’re doing a research and take a look at the revolutionary ideas of the past, all of these ideas had a tremendous impact on the quality of living.

Is there any problem you can see people are facing around you? Work on the idea that will be the solution for the problem, and you’re in the right direction.

Once you have an idea, people around you that believe in it and solution to the problem, it’s time to get dirty and start working on the realization.

How to Realize an Idea If You Don’t Have the Skills

If you have a great idea that could potentially change the world but don’t have the technical skill, don’t give up. We’re living in the world full of opportunities, so there are many ways how to achieve your goals and realize the idea that could have a lasting impact on the world.

There are many platforms available for that cause, and we would love to introduce you with Quirky – the platform that makes ideas possible.

So, what’s Quirky and how’s it working you may ask?

Well, it’s a platform for people with great ideas and professionals who have the skills and want to make ideas happen. To start using the platform, you need to create the account, fill the required information and you’re all set. The crucial phase in making your idea happen is to share it with the community and there lies a high chance that you will attract some professionals who can make this idea happen from a technical aspect. You can even go with the simple ideas that have potential to simplify the life. Once your idea attract many people, and you’ve got professionals working on it, you’re on a good track to make money from it. Every time the idea is realized, and you sell the product or service, you’ll get the commission from the product sold.

There is another perspective to use Quirky too. If you’re professional and find some idea has a potential, you can contact the person and start working on it. You can find the interesting ideas in almost any field, so it’s relatively easy to start working on something meaningful that has a potential to change the world.

Quirky currently has more than a million members with a few hundred thousand inventions submitted. Once your product or service hits the market, everyone will get the commission from the sales. That’s a great thing from marketing aspect too as the platform will do the marketing for you.

There is also a Quirky shop so you could check the products another people invented. Also, you can contribute to the community and buy some of the products you think will have an impact on your life.

Make Your Idea Happen Right Now

So you’re good in brainstorming and creating many different ideas, but you don’t have skills to make it happen? Don’t be disappointed as many platforms connect innovative people with the professionals. Using Quirky, you can quickly make your idea hit the market and have a lasting impact on the people.

Are you prepared to change the world with your idea?