The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life? The power of less can help you figure it all out. It can help you achieve more by working less. “How is it even possible?” you might think. Well, if you learn more about productive minimalism and the ways of limiting yourself to the essential, you will see how it works. To start with, take a look at the book of a famous blogger Leo Babauta. It is called “The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential”. In his book, Babuta talks about long-term changes and reaching your goals.

He also covers the topics of productivity and minimalism He suggests the right approach which can lead you to success if you follow these principles. The author’s amazing life experience inspires hundreds of people to start changing today. So, what is it about? Can productive minimalism change your life? Of course, it can, as it has already done for hundreds of people who discovered it. Listen to the summary at Blinkist.

How to Stop Wasting Time and Energy

Stop wasting your time and energy on activities that don't matter

If you feel overwhelmed by life and stressed with all the things you have to complete at the certain time, you should stop and think how you can change this situation. It is a good idea to start with setting limits. You will see how the power of fewer works. Ask yourself: do you need all those possessions? Are things you are involved in going to matter in a year? Does your work make you happy? Just stop for a minute and ask yourself these questions.

As you do so, you will surely get many more questions. As soon as you find your calling and set your goals, stop wasting time and energy on inessential things. Focus on what’s important. There will be people and things which will be distracting you. If you let those do so, you will lose precious time and energy and get yourself further from your goal.

That is why it is so important to set the limits. Do not try to take care of everything. If you consciously tackle fewer things a day you have more resources to concentrate on what is important. It means that you will reach your goals sooner. 

Developing New Habits

Develop new and healthy habits

On your way to reaching your goals, you should get rid of old habits taking your time and power and develop new ones. Forming new habits is the key component of long-lasting changes, which you want to see in your life. Focus on one habit at a time. Let other people know about your plans and your habits.

Once you inspire them, you will have some followers, people who are also willing to change their habits. This will ensure your motivation does not slip away. If you develop a habit to write progress reports, you are more likely to reach your goals faster. You will also be motivated by the results you will see. 

Live in the Now

The best way to stay focused on your goals is to live in the Now. You should distinguish what is essential, important to you and keep focusing on it.

Concentrate on what you are doing now, no matter if it is eating your lunch or an important phone call. You will surely have distractions, but it is in your power to redirect your attention back to what you were doing, back to essential. Remember about the power of less. Do not do multitasking.

Stay focused and then you will be able to complete your tasks on time and move forward, closer to your long-term goal. Listen to the book at Audible.

Reaching Your Goals

Make an actionable plan that will enable you to reach your goals

So, if you are willing to change your life, to make a difference and inspire others, it is important to follow some simple strategies. These strategies can help you reach your goals and lead a happy life you have always dreamed of. 

  • Set limits. Get rid of things you do not need
  • Focus on essential things. Ask yourself what matters and what is important to you
  • Get your priorities straight, learn how to say no and keep being true to your priorities
  • Form and develop new habits. Start small, but be consistent
  • Set reasonable goals. Otherwise, you will get demotivated because of failure.
  • Live in the Now. Do not let distractions conquer your attention and take your energy away
  • Start your day with your most important tasks. Experts advise doing three most important tasks in the morning. This is a good start of the day. 
  • Limit the time you spend on emails and inessential things. Keep your emails short and informative, set up filters for your emails.

By following these simple techniques, you will be able to reach your goals and become content and happy. Moreover, you will inspire others and make a world a better place.

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