Investing With Impact: Why Finance is a Force for Good

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Today more and more people are interested in investing with impact. It is not only about getting profit from your investments. It is so much deeper than that.

By investing money in this or that project people are willing to change the world, solve some issues we face today. This is about making the world a better place. In his book “Investing with Impact: Why Finance is a Force for Good” Jeremy K. Balkin raises some ethical and philanthropic questions.

The author is a well-known leader on the subject of ethical banking and finance, and he also is a great motivational speaker. In his book he gives reasons for some processes happening in the society, including the financial crisis. He also suggests ways of investing money wisely and saving the world.

“Investing with Impact” is definitely a must-read for investors and entrepreneurs as well as those who are seeking for a chance to improve the world. Listen to the summary at Blinkist.

Time for a Positive Change

It's time to challenge our beliefs and start changing things

There are many different views on the capitalist system. This system gives economic freedom which contributes to the rise of nation’s wealth and employment. On the other hand, we face such phenomenon as 2008 financial crisis. How can we explain that?

Jeremy K. Balkin has a clear picture of what has happened. The author emphasizes that the capitalist system is just a tool, and people are the ones to decide how to use it.

The crisis occurred due to some moral issues our society faced. Those immoral actions, as well as lack of investment with impact, led to the crisis. It is not the system which failed, but people whose actions aimed personal benefits failed.

Driven by greed, bankers and investors did not care about the society and the results of their immoral actions. However, the situation is changing now. There is a whole generation of people who are eager to change the world and make it a better place.

Right Values to Be Put Back on Track

Have the right values in mind when investing and you could impact the world in a positive way!

With a rise in people’s awareness and the spread of philanthropical ideas, our society has taken the right course. Modern people have a different set of moral values.

People focus on careers which can make a difference, which will bring benefits to the society. For this reason, it is common to change careers today. Income is not a priority anymore. Instead, people focus on business practices which can improve the world.

That is why the big interest in volunteering, pro bono consulting and investing with impact is shown. It is great to see how the leaders of today are pushing their philanthropical ideas through their businesses. It means that people are no longer driven by the desire to earn more and possess more. Their goal is to make a difference, to spread their ideas and get other people inspired and motivated to change the current situation and improve the world. 

How to Invest with Impact

Happy kids in educational program
When investing, don't only look at your personal gain, but instead, look how society can benefit from your money.

So, if you are questioning the opportunity of investing in impact there is a chance that you are going to do something that will benefit our society. Investing your money wisely, you will surely win. You will not only get a return on your investment, but you will see how your actions change lives of many people. By investing in healthcare and education, you will open lots of opportunities for people who have never imagined how big the world is.

If you want to change the world and invest your money wisely, you should consider these factors, known as a 6E model:

  • Economics. You should calculate risks and impact of your investments before taking any steps. It is important to involve professional people to guide you. Those people should share the same set of values.
  • Employment. You will be able to create many job places, which is a very important factor to fight poverty and unemployment. This should become your priority.
  • Empowerment. Focus on the diversity of your business. Think big. Act big. Such factors as age, gender and ethnicity should not be the reason for you to give people jobs or reject them.
  • Education. Invest in professional development. Education is a key to success.
  • Ethics. Follow the ethical guidelines and make sure your employees do the same. Morality and ethics are the most important criteria because unfair business is not going to benefit the society. Moreover, its success is short-lasting.
  • Environment. Make sure your business does not harm the environment but helps to solve the current issues. You cannot help the development of economics and growth if you are not taking care of the environment.

Keeping all of those in mind you are most likely to succeed. Finance can be a great force if you use it correctly. If your prerogative is society’s benefits, you will start building a better future today. You can change the world, make it a better place, inspire others. This is definitely worth trying!  Listen to the book at Audible.