Alternatives to Lying at a Palawan Beach Resort

Monday, March 12, 2018

Staying at a Palawan beach resort will put you in the middle of paradise. Palawan is one of the most popular islands in the Philippinesinfo-icon.

This island is the fifth largest island in the entire country. Palawan Island is a top destination for tourists for many reasons. Unlike several other Philippine islands, a majority of the Palawan island is undeveloped.

Tourists enjoy the natural beauty of the island. It has a variety of landscapes, from beaches to mountainous jungles.

There are several ways to get to the Palawan island. There are a couple airports on the island that are found in the biggest cities on the island.

El Nido and Puerto Princesa attract a majority of the visitors to the island and is where you can discover amazing resort options.

Beach Resorts on the Palawan Island will make your trip to the Palawan island an unforgettable experience. There are countless resorts around this island.

Beach resorts can be found at all the major Palawan beaches as well as resorts in more remote areas of the island. The beach resorts welcome everyone. Some resorts are more romantic for couples and other resorts have a more fun atmosphere by catering to families with children.

They also range from luxury villas to all-inclusive hotels. Many of these resorts have modern amenities while others provide a more traditional stay on the island.

Lying on the beach is one of the most popular activities to do at a Palawan beach resort. The resorts make it very easy to relax.

They can provide lounge chairs or even hammocks in nearby trees with much-needed shade. Many of the larger resorts also have their own beach bar that can serve drinks and snacks to guests without having to leave the beach.

Maritime Activities

Get ready to explore beautiful Palawan ocean

Lying on the beach is definitely relaxing. The resorts also make it easy to get active on the beach.

The waters surrounding Palawan Island are some of the best to explore in the entire world. These waters have an abundance of underwater marine life. Some of the most common activities found around Palawan are snorkeling, diving, and kayaking.

Other activities may include jet skiing and sailing. The Palawan Island has several limestone cliffs stretching into the water. These cliffs are always a great location for exploring underwater.

Almost every Palawan beach resort can provide a variety of resources for getting out into the water. Many of the resorts provide equipment for their guests. You will be able to rent out diving equipment and even kayaks. The resorts close proximity to the beaches make it easy to go from relaxing on the beach to exploring underwater.

Hiking on Palawan Island

Take a hike to explore amazing natural scenes

Another alternative to lying on the beach is to go hiking. Palawan Island is a great destination for travelers who want to experience natural landscapes. The island has many untouched areas. Much of the island is still covered in jungles.

There are several mountains that can be hiked on Palawan Island. These mountains will let you discover the variety of vegetation on the island as well as encounter some of the wildlife found here. You can even come across hidden waterfalls within the jungle.

One of the greatest pleasure to hiking up the Palawan mountains is the view. These mountains take you well above sea level so you can se amazing views overlooking the Palawan Island.

Hiking tours can be found almost anywhere on the island. Some of the resorts may even be able to provide guides to take guests on hiking trips. These hiking trips can be reserved as day trips or overnight camping journeys.

Sightseeing on Palawan Islands

Just explore Palawan islands!

The Palawan Beaches are definitely a major attraction to the islands as they are some of the most beautiful in the world. The resorts found in the larger cities of the island are also near some of the iconic landmarks of the island.

Puerto Princesa, for example, is a major city that has a lot to see. One of the best things to do in this city is to explore the national park. There are boat tours that run through the park where you can travel along the underground river as well as some of the island’s caves.

This island is the site of lots of ecological activity for the purpose of preservation and research. You can visit one of the many centers and museums to learn about the island’s ecosystems, history, and overall development.

If you are looking for some fun, you should consider the Palawan Island zip line. This zip line takes you on a ride and gives you amazing views of the mountains and sea.

Palawan Islands Nightlife

Palawan beach resort nightlife

Relaxing at a Palawan beach resort during the day will have you energized to explore the nightlife scene on the island. Since most of the island is remote, most of the night time entertainment is centered around the larger cities.

Even so, the nightlife is not as vibrant as other cities around the Philippines. Puerto Princesa is where you can find a bulk of the nightlife. This city has lots of local bars and a few nightclub options.

Beaches are the main point of interest on the Palawan Island. There is beachfront entertainment found in bars and restaurants located along the beach. It’s a mix of dancing, karaoke, or even live music to fill the night.

The Palawan beach resort that you’re staying at may also be a great place to discover nightlife entertainment. Some of the larger resorts actually provide entertainment and shows for their guests.

These resorts have many perks. You will always be in close proximity to the beach so you can choose to lay and relax there for as long as you wish. Palawan Island also has many other things to discover for visitors as well. This island attracts tourists from all around the world. The scenic beaches are what draws people to the island. There are many other attractions that keep tourists coming back.

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